Why Trump is failing

Trump refused to buy test kits from China. That meant no test and trace in the first week (s) and once those weeks were gone, no tracing happened either. With millions out if work tracing could have been easy. But no.

South Korea: 536 dead. USA 225,000 dead and were expecting 200,000 more by January. Yes the USA has 6 times more people, but that would be 3300 dead by comparison The Difference? test, trace, contain. Humans their favor the good of their culture over the “needs” of individuals: everyone wore masks, everyone potentially infected self-quarantined. And by god they beat it but good.

So trump told supporters to skip wearing masks, and pushed states to reopen, and got armed militias to try to “liberate” Michigan, Illinois and Virginia. Before that he had FEMA outbid states for vital supplies. This raised prices six-fold in some states. Why did he do this?

Jack Ma, the founder of Bidu, China’s Google, offered 166,000 test kits for free! Trump turned them down. he told school districts that if they did not reopen full time he would cut off their money! Is this helpful?

He’s got a skyrocketing stock market mostly because the federal reserve pumps millions per day into it. It’s a fake height, and could correct to the tune of down 25% if the fed ever stopped pumping money in. Ah but Corona has been a monumental mess up. Or has Trump offered the sacrifice of Americans as part of his larger schemes to ruin our standing abroad, divide the country irreparably, ruin our leadership Rolex in NATO. He wanted to pull out of NATO!, he jumped out of both the Paris Accords and the Trans-Pacifico’s Partnership, created poverty for Soy Bean Farmers…see the trend? Watching Americans die under the “it is what it is,” banner.

In this case Corona becomes not the way Trump may lose, but a purposeful following of orders from afar. Like pulling mostly out of Syria (enter RUSSIA) and taking 12,000 troops out of Germany (enter…?). Screwing the relationship with China also contributes to Emperor Vlad.

If Trump loses he will contest the election. If, based on an unconstitutional over-reach by the Supreme Court in Bush v Gore (2000) they’ve set an unconstitutional precedent, trump could go straight there to steal the election. Or call in militias to take matters into their hands. And many other ors. Many other possibilities, because Pelosi and others reduced their role as a checker of the executive branch on TWO counts, when 183 counts of illegal activity could have been brought in an impeachment. the dems used 0 of what Mueller dug up. Pelosi is the same type of Dem Bill Clinton was: highly conservative in open or behind closed doors.

Why did so many unanswered subpoenas NOT result in jail time until those subpoenaed finally testified? I guess it’s because too many dems are in on whatever this fffffing scheme really is. Sure trump will leave the USA if he loses. But will he ever admit he lost?

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