Covid list of “accomplishments” or, Covid Uber Alles

Halted CHINESE incoming flights, but not incoming from Europe. Blew six weeks talking it down or ignoring it.

No test kits meant early test and trace was impossible. Why no kits? Somehow China had millions of kits in no time. Trump refused to buy kits from China. Jack Ma (Baidu) offered 166,000 free kits and Yrump turned them down.

During the early PPE crisis trump had FENA outbid states fir ol much needed supplies. Why? This drive the price of gowns for instance, to prices six times their norm. Trump-assisted gauging?

He asked those “standing by” to liberate Virginia, Illinois and Michigan from their evil, lockdown, self quarantining governments. Militiamen entered the Capitol in Lansing toting guns, were not stopped by police or security. Why not?

Trump insisted that states reopen in the summer so republican governors in states like Georgia, Florida and Texas did so. To horrific results.

All the time flouting mask-wearing and mocking scientists at rallies. he also disdains global wRming and climate change as wildfires scorch 14 states and Louisiana gets hit 7 times by flood causing hurricanes and UF, does he visit the sites to console anyone? Or the families of the 231,000 dead? Nope.

Instead he says hospitals and doctors get paid bonuses for counting any dead as Corona dead. seriously. There are people who swear this is true.

Whatever happened to test and trace?

Finally,, he gave up fighting it. But he never began so is that a double coward or a

Reprehensible murderer?

Either way, by missing the one chance we had, Trump has assured that the USA will have to lock down again because a safe vaccine is at least 8 months away. (June 2021?) compare our numbers to any of 174 other countries and you will find us dead last n fighting this bug. This not wearing masks are the ones who will lead in not taking the vaccine. That means Covid Uber Alles

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