Dance of Ants


Opus 27, 1977, Stockbridge, MA

Opus 27, 1977, Stockbridge, MA


Dance of ants compiling sawdust, compels us to

Trample, mow, flee to the inviting woods.  Our short

Caravan meanders, leans against boulder, attached lichen here

Crash down on leaves and rocks waiting for dark,

Bare stars, glowing mosses, a second light show that

Regales millipedes, azaleas, forsythia.  Outdoor sounds

Jar us awake, it’s 2am, we rise in dew-sparkled clothes,

Veering through trees, over rotten wood and rock holes, a deer

Kicks a whip, or jumps, startled by late-night intruders mistaken

For hunters.  You can’t know it now, but this night marks the

Epicenter of your youth, from which all events will emanate

Without outward boundary, but in three hundred sixty

Degrees. Bound into it all, bring that screwgee* low and inside.


First Letters represent those in attendance 11/13/2015:

Dave Manning

Tom Hines

Clark Holtzman

Conrad newman

Bennett Myers

Robert Katrin


Vanessa Vendola,

Kitty Bergel

Frank Doonan

Elio Soldi

Will Hubband

Doug Stuber


*A Screwgee is a reverse curve ball thrown in baseball that spins in toward right handed batters from a right handed pitcher.





Reverence, # 2098 completed, November 2015

Reverence, # 2098, 2015  46 x 48 inches, $1,200s

Reverence, # 2098, 2015 46 x 48 inches, $1,200s


Sorry about the lighting on this photo.  Just got excited to put it out there.  “That’s a good one Bessie, I dare say.”


and the next one looks better than this shot too….happiness lately at the painting trade.


"Asia" # 2099  11/2015  36 x 48  $1,000

“Asia” # 2099 11/2015 36 x 48 $1,000

The background here is closer to salmon, and the deep maroon turned to purpley blue.  What a phone camera (plus I no longer have photoshop).

The joy is that the marbling has returned.

Thanks for giving it a look.



Nudge into the unknown

When a person has already abused your trust with investment schemes, don’t do any more business with them.  It’s that simple.


Just knock down the request and move on.

Move more into what you know.  Stay close to the vest.  It’s no time to back a poor plan.

What if?

I like this one

What if you had a muse.  The muse was constantly inspiring more art, more poetry, more investigation of the multiple aspects of life that you might have overlooked.  Let’s say you had this muse for 1.5 years, and she/he was in your life as completely as possible, but then had to leave.  How long would that use still inspire you?  i’d say it has to do with how well you were inspired while together.  Also, how strong the bond became.

The muse in my life will not vanish.  She is just around the corner in my mind.  Just an electronic click away, most times.  and the type of friend, though we may not meet again for a long time, that will always inspire these words.  I took a week off here, as I got busy with regular chores.  Glad to be back.  Hope to regain my blogster friends.  Everyone I follow in here has inspired me to keep going in blogland, so thanks for the constant perks here.

Have a great week, enjoy your weekend (should you get one) and don’t forget how smart the children are.

Art Music Poetry #97

Kicevo Opus 1686 or soIMG_3884

Kicevo, 2010.

Experiment on printed paper.

I rarely comment on the music I put up here.  This one deserves a little explanation.  It turns out I have fallen in love and I hope I do fall in love again.  And I did fall in love a few times and had it not returned, you know what I mean?  So the next time someone falls in love with me, it better be the one I love from afar, the one who already loves me, the one who will never let me go.

What can I do about geography?  Circumstances do not ALWAYS make things work out.  But, not for the same reasons Mr. Waits settles for more drink and not falling in love, and then he falls for the woman who is no longer in the room, at the end, rang a bell with me here today.

Combine that song with this one, the first on Closing TIme, the one the Eagles brought forward for him, and you have a chance to feel really lonely about the loves that are so far away.  Don’t do that, just go give a hug to that one who matters, if you’re lucky enough to be with the EXACT RIGHT ONE.

“Excuse me

are you from New York?

I thought I saw you

there in May

or June.” “No Shanghai

but I visited

Manhattan in June, maybe

you did see me there.”

This is how

the opening lines

are played in

his head, but chess is

simple compared to

size, culture

generation gap.

He’s up, the ruse is

a refill at Foster’s in

Chapel Hill two days

after a

home loss too…

But dude boy

is not about to lose this

one, no; cup

in hand he weaves through

tables, stops, pelvis

eye level

as she peers over laptop.

“Yes,” she says,

“Excuse me, are you

from New York?”

“No, but…”