A Second Language Christmas

A Second Language Christmas

We teach because we believe communication creates
enough community to turn this planet from disaster
back to freedom. Away insipid fascist controllers of
everything from water to wages! OK we may not be aware
that our mission is to connect souls, to establish local
beach-heads of trust and mutual satisfaction that present

an option far different than the one prescribed by WTO

edicts, winner-take-all capitalism. Ever notice how those
standardized tests squeeze minds into a world view that
works to optimum advantage as a cog down at X-Y-Z
factory? Sure it’s profit over people, in which horrors
fan out like paratroopers; of course it’s pollution and
war-tax, rotten neighborhoods, grandfather hauling a
day’s load of cardboard for 5 Bucks, 5,000 Won, enough
for rice and a cold winter without electricity, dang it
where are the families? Ah, but this is a cheery Holiday
greeting, let’s go back to the language bridge so we can
help people spread the word about what’s really happening.
Come eat with us, let’s talk, let’s build dreams into reality
on our own terms, away from globalized mercantile Christmas.

The WTO is the World Trade Organization that towers above country’s sovereignty in naked, bold, pure, unsullied, un-monitored or regulated support of profits at the lowest possible labor costs available on the planet. It was invented by GATT II, the Global Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. It has lowered the value of labor considerably, while also making less people able to afford the products they make. This of course, can only be sustained via massive debt and the propping of certain markets by those building the products. (China lending to the USA comes to mind, then selling its products at Wal-Mart).

Art Poetry Music #44

Executed at my Gwangju, S. Korea Studio

Executed at my Gwangju, S. Korea Studio

The painting above was executed in my Gwangju, S. Korea studio in 2013.



She will dart you into dust,

she was thrown at me by Joe

Wabe, she has a

Real need for closeness

Yet tires and bores easily.

Salwa, the

love of her life, gets

easily attached to all

new house friends;

she goes it alone,

sometimes appearing late

night in that loose-fitting top,

or bowling.  Lately

serving sexy meals,

Egyptian morsels to fund



into a program that is


changing to the post

Shin era.

Among a growing throng who

have settled

here, so far from home,

but safer: safer

than war torn,

rebellious, terrorists camps,

or millions

of refugees.  Kim

Jung Eun is a joke.