Democracy is not the Same as Money

Wen big money controls every aspect of our Federal Government, even the Supreme Court, it is amazing when once in wa while humanity wins decisions.  No, we didn’t win with Citizens United, but the declaration of the legality of gay marriage was a breakthrough, especially when coupled with discrimination laws being interpreted as applicable to landlords who even unknowingly favor one group (say caucasians) of another (African American, Latino, etc.)

OK I would have rather heard that the Supreme Court had banned the Death Penalty rather than rubber stamping lethal injections.

Still, money buys our laws, influences decisions, like the wars we’re still fighting, the debts we can’t ever pay back by now (USA as Greece II?) and the continuation of the ever widening gap between rich and poor.  Let there be no doubt about it, racial problems are not just exacerbated by lack of opportunity but continue the God-awful legacy that preserves the best jobs for us white folks, while putting nearly every one else except well-educated Asians into a permanent box labeled underclass.

It’s bad enough that the dominant countries run around the world stealing natural resources and abusing human resources, but the idea that big big huge huge money should push people around when,(duh) the rich already have obscenely indulgent lives has ruined democracy, and made turning it around to create communities based on love, caring and trust harder and harder to achieve.

We’ve been led down the path of robbing from the poor and middle class in order to feed the rich, and we’ve gone across the globe killing people in order to keep that form of democracy alive and well.  We won’t be judged well at all by history as we kick back, enjoy the 4th of July and cause such insane misery by our own uncontrollable “needs.”