Unexposed Grand Opening

Jeremy and Brandon Smyth just opened a micro-cinema in Durham NC called Unexposed.

They have used  HEFF (Haverhill Experimental Film Festival) to open people’s eyes to the amazing world of avante Garde independent moving pictures, which are often like moving expressionist art (My paintings that were up at the opening are below).

Now UNX (Unexposed) is a weekly film festival of sorts, and will be followed by THREE UNXs to supplement Bostons HEFF,  in North Carolina each year.  Chapel Hill, Durham and Raleigh will be the sites, and those will augment the Friday showings at 105 Hood Street Slot #5, near Ponysaurus and the Golden Belt art studios, that they will have in Durham each week.


Come on out if you’re within phone message of this BLOG.

And now the art.