J.-Bro, Come in for a Rest

Doug lets it fling

Doug lets it fling

J.-Bro, Come In For A Rest

How lusty couples must have been
when living forty to a house.
How long the wait might or must have been
for knowing youngsters to find a spouse.
No wonder French bishops found it rude
when invited to life “a-nude.”

Though life was short it was complete,
chores and wars, ten-hour weeks.
The rest was fun and play and feats:
tragically repeated by new age “freaks.”
Separated by many moons, denied
a chance to live by what’s inside.

Now controlled by each other’s greed,
not following our own true dreams:
anger, sadness, hatred replace Creator’s beams:
never enough means foreign children bleed.
No orator appears to stem the flow,
and if she did, she would get no show.

Who cannot be fascinated by the owl’s call?
Or the trout that jumps from stream in glen?
Who can sit instead of playing ball?
Or ignore their children’s questions when
the answer could direct them, dream come true,
to a life of farming, paddling on the blue?

The unified human soul is stuck and bleeding,
so snared our hearts we don’t know what to do.
Some thrive, though nature is receding,
birds and fish die in our stew.
Connections loosen, gadgets in our hands
answer back with their own demands.

Sunbathing turtle on low-hanging wood
enjoys sun’s warmth through the winter wind.
Even she knows that we have sinned;
would we turn back time even if we could?
Holding hands in unity works in smaller towns,
communal fun smooths economic downs.

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Christian Muslim War to end all Christian Muslim wars

The NAACP bombed building in Colorado.

and for videos of Charlie Lebdo:


A little history thanks to : at www.http://christianleadershipcenter.org/me4.htm

IV. The Islamic and Christian Wars

Jihad and Crusades

General Background

The concept of “holy war” is becoming well known in the world, thanks to the media coverage of the current crisis with militant Islam. But the subject of Islamic wars takes us back hundreds of years; and a knowledge of this history will go a long way in helping us understand the difficulty of the current crisis.

Popular coverage, and certain Islamic communications, would have us believe that Islam is a religion of peace, that life for Christians under Islamic rule is perfectly acceptable and free, that Islamic men can convert to Christianity if they wish, and that the Christians, along with the Zionists, on the contrary have been the ruthless enemies of Islam and throughout history, and certainly during the crusades, savagely slaughtered Islamic people. Anyone traveling in Islamic countries, especially in the Middle East, will sooner or later hear this take on the crusades, and on the modern so-called Christian nations. We cannot do justice to this issue in such a brief survey, but we can take a general look to help us think through the matter.

The concept of “holy war” is found in both Islam and Christianity; and in both religions it has been variously interpreted as a spiritual war, or by the militants as a physical war. The period of the crusades is certainly a dark period in Church history, and we with the privilege of looking back can see the problems, biblically and historically. But we also know that the crusaders truly wanted to help Christians in other parts of the world who were in distress, wanted to do something noble for Christ, prayed and fasted before many of the battles, desired forgiveness of sins, and for what it is worth demonstrated real devotion and courage. And this makes the assessment more difficult–of them then, and of the modern events now.

The subject of the crusades usually focuses on a period of a couple of hundred years, from 1095 to 1291 A.D., in the Holy Land. But crusading occurred over a longer period, and continued even to the 17th century. But more importantly, it is just one part of the religious animosity and warfare that stretched back a millennium. We have already surveyed how the Islamic wars dominated that part of the world for a number of centuries before the crusades. A Byzantine, predominantly Christian, empire had been driven out by the forces of Islam, to create an Islamic empire. But they continued to spread along the seabord, and up into southern Europe. Their expansion was stopped, though, in a number of European places. And the Byzantine Empire was reduced to Asia Minor.

For some time there was peaceful co-existence in the Holy Land between religious groups, albeit under Islamic Law and tribute. But there were tensions, and one major crisis came with the ruler al-Hakim (“the wise”, but really “the mad”). He was fanatical, bringing terror to Jews, Christians, and even Moslems; he burned the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in 1009. One night he went on a nocturnal ride and was never heard of again, to the relief of many. His son gave permission to rebuild the church.

A significant turning point in the frequent struggle for power came with the invasion of Turkoman nomads, called Seljuks, from central Asia. They were converts to Islam, and therefore more zealous than others; they began an inter-Moslem war, quickly taking over Persia, Iraq, Armenia, and Egypt. They seized the land routes and harrassed Christian pilgrims, controlled Jerusalem, and suppressed Christian worship. It was if Hakim had returned from the dead.

The Crusades

There were many reasons: concern for the spread of this new and feared religion, outrage over the occupation of Christian holy sites, persecution of Christian pilgrims and worshipers, and destruction of churches. There were also elements that prompted people to crusade: the militarization of society at that time with a militant papacy, a hunger for forgiveness, a quest for honor, and a certain amount of restlessnesss. Arabs usually say that the Crusaders were simply restlessness, needing somewhere to fight, and were barbaric, and that the Moslems were fighting a defensive war. That is surely one-sided propaganda–but it is what the people believe. There were legitimate and illegitimate reasons for the wars, on both sides; and there were atrocities on both sides.

First Crusade (1095-1099)

The vision for the crusade came from Pope Urban II; it was preached by Peter the Hermit (the sermons had to persuade the people of the vision and call them to service), and waged under the leadership of Baldwin of Boulogne and various other Frankish lords. It started with the disastrous “People’s Crusade,” but ended with the military conquest of Jerusalem. Along the way German knights slaughtered Jews in Worms, Mainz, Trier, Neuss, and Prague, reasoning that they too were enemies of Christianity (who often sided with Islam).

The outcome of the first crusade was the conquest of Jerusalem and the establishment of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, under Baldwin I. The defeat of Jerusalem was not easy, but eventually achieved–a major bloody slaughter (under rules of warfare, if a city surrendered it was given peace or passage; if not, there were no prisoners; because the city did not surrender, it was utterly put to the sword). This is remembered by Arab history tellers.

But gaining the victory was one thing, holding the land was another. After the defeat of Jerusalem, most of the crusaders went home, leaving the conquered lands defenseless for the new king. An order of knights, the Order of the Hospitallers of St John, was established to care for the sick and defend the pilgrims. It lasted some 600 years, moving out of the land to Malta when the land fell (then known as the Knights of Malta). Also, the Order of the Templers was formed with their headquarters on the temple mount in Jerusalem. Their charter was written by Bernard of Clairvaux.

Second Crusade (1145-1148)

Edessa in Syria had fallen, so this crusade was planned to take it back. Bernard preached this one, supporting the “fighting friars,” or Templars. There was far less interest for this crusade than the first, especially since the first crusaders returned and found their lands and families gone. But even after it started it did not turn out well. In this campaign the Germans could not get along, and were defeated in Asia Minor; the crusade could not take Edessa, and so tried to take Damascus back. But they were defeated in that attempt, and therefore criticized, and very disillusioned.

Third Crusade (1187-1191)

Jerusalem had now fallen back to Islam, so this crusade sought to re-capture it. The holy Roman emperor Frederick Barbarossa, Phillip II of France, Richard Lionheart of England and Pope Gregory VIII were behind it. Their main opponent was Saladin, a Muslem Kurd from northern Iraq. Over the course of these fights Saladin defeated them, the major blow coming at the Horns of Hattin, a disaster for the knights. On a hill west of the Sea of Galilee Saladin cut off the route of the nights to the water in the sea, burned the fields where they were, and them too in their armor. Saladin went on to capture 50 castles that the crusaders had built.

But in the battle for Jerusalem the people threatened to destroy Islamic shrines if they were not given a peace treaty, and so a compromise was reached. Saladin’s empire stretched from Turkey to Egypt, but he had to leave the crusaders some cities, such as Acre, on the Mediterranean coast near modern Haifa, thanks to the victories of Richard. Out of this the Order of the Teutonic Knights was formed, remaining in later times in the Germanic states.

Fourth Crusade (1198-1204)

This was an attempt to defeat Egypt and regain control of that part of the land. But there was conflict before Egypt was ever on the horizon. Pope Innocent III launched the struggle against German opponents; the Cistercians preached it against the sect known as Albigensians, who were massacred. When the crusaders finally focused on their mission, they arranged a deal in Venice to transport the troops to Egypt, but could not pay, so they agreed to conquer a city in the Adriatic for the Venetians. After this they got into a war in Constantinople, and relations were ruined. It was a disaster.

Fifth Crusade (1217-1221)

Another plan was launched to defeat Egypt. A children’s crusade of all things in 1212 was a disaster; those who made it to the southern coasts of Europe and found passage to Egypt either ended up enslaved or died in shipwrecks. The real crusade managed to take a strategic tower in Egypt, and so the Moslims offered to give up Jerusalem. Then inland attacks failed and the crusaders retreated. St Francis accompanied them on this crusade, preaching to both sides. Afterward the Teutonic Knights were commissioned to take Prussia.

Sixth Crusade (1228-1229)

The pope, Gregory IX, and emperor, Frederick II, wanted to retake Jerusalem and the holy land, because the other crusades had not succeeded. Frederick vowed to go, then backed out; so the pope excommunicated him for failing his vow. He made a treaty to obtain Jerusalem instead, but not the temple mount. He was excommunicated again for not gaining total victory. He staged a crown wearing ceremony at the church, but the pope placed Jerusalem under interdict. This was not a true crusade, but a struggle for religious power over Jerusalem.

Seventh Crusade (1248-1250)

This was a purely political crusade to defeat Egypt finally, the center of Islamic power. Louis IX of France (St. Louis) and Pope Innocent IV were the leaders. But in the battle the crusaders were surrounded, Louis was held for ransom, and malaria and other diseases decimated the troops. But the invasion led to the change in leadership within Islam to the Mamlukes–their leader was Baybars.

Eighth Crusade (1267-1272)

Baybars took Nazareth, Jaffa, and Antioch by 1271. The crusade sought to re-capture the holy land fortresses. In the process King Louis was sidetracked at Tunis in a war, and died of disease; Edward of England arrived too late to help Louis, but went to Acre to help save it. In 1291 Acre fell to the Mamlukes, and the Christian presence in the land came to an end.


The crusades were a bad idea, but in the times understandable, and probably unavoidable. But the errors of those days do not mean devout Christians were not involved, or that they were only interested in land and power. The Christians learned a lot about crusading from jihad–the promise of forgiveness of sins for crusaders, guarantee of heaven if they died, and making the wars “religious” or “holy” when they were often merely conquests. The crusades did stop the spread of Islam into Europe, and gave western Europe a new identity. After all, they started as a response to jihad.

The preaching and the music that came from the period remain a wonderful window on devotion and piety. Country churches (for the friars) sprang up everywhere. Art, manuscripts, and architecture spread throughout the world. But the problem never went away, and the people of Islam have a long memory.

The piece above is wildly biased, but not as off-truth as this one below:

Islam’s Religious War with Everyone
April 22, 2014 by Daniel Greenfield 247 Comments
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islamFew divides are as impossible to bridge as those of religion. You either believe or you don’t.

When it comes to Islam, non-Muslims are expected to take its goodwill on faith. If you believe your eyes and ears, Islam and violence go together like peanut butter and jelly. But if you believe Muslims and their spin doctors with academic degrees, Muslims are the victims of other religions.

If Muslims fighting Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are the victims of non-Muslims, what are we to make of Muslims fighting other Muslims in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq? Religious civil wars make it hard to believe that Muslims are the victims of other religions instead of the authors of their own violence.

Religions have a long history of not getting along with one another, but there is only one religion that has never gotten along with any other religion, is engaging in a religious war with every religion that exists, with atheists who have no religion, and even with its own co-religionists.

Is all this violence someone else’s fault? Or is it Islam’s fault?

Muslim hostility to Christians and Jews is not a phenomenon that began with the modern State of Israel or American foreign policy.

Muslims have warred with Christians and Jews as minorities and persecuted them as majorities. Academic apologists claim that Muslim hostility toward Christians derived from an ongoing conflict, but at no time during the history of Islam until the twentieth century did the Jews have a functioning state.

Israel has conveniently become the focus and explanation for Muslim hostility toward Jews, but that fails to explain over a thousand years of Muslim hatred and persecution … long before Herzl or the IDF.

Why did Muslims persecute and kill Jews long before Zionism was even a word? For the same reason that they killed Christians.

Islam hated Judaism and Christianity from the start. The Koran urges Muslims not to befriend Jews or Christians (Koran 5:51) speaks of “enmity and hatred” with Christians (Koran 5:15) and the Jews (Koran 5:65) who are also to be cursed. The Jews are accused of “creating disorder” (Koran 5:65) and Christians are accused of worshiping their priests (Koran 9:31). The Jews and Christians believe in evil things (Koran 4:52) and Allah’s curse will be upon them (Koran 9:30).

Muslims don’t hate and kill Jews because of Israel. They hate Israel because it is Jewish.

September 11 was part of an ongoing war against Christians dating back over a thousand years.

The real reason why a Muslim carries out a terrorist attack in New York or Boston is the same reason why a church gets burned in Egypt or bombed in Syria. It’s the same reason why teenage British girls get raped and why the Christian population of the Middle East has shrunk from a quarter to a tenth.

Everything else is just Muslim war propaganda that only fools and appeasers take at face value.

The Koran’s scriptural hatred encouraged Muslim warlords to spread Islam through the mass murder, enslavement and rape of Jews and Christians. The legacy of hatred began with the ethnic cleansing of Jews and Christians from what is today Saudi Arabia and the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians and Jews continues into the modern era.

It is this old hatred that is behind the terrorism against Israeli Jews and Egyptian Christians. It is not a new hatred, but an old one.

The religious basis for everything from Hamas’ war against Israel to Al Qaeda’s war on America derives from these and other verses in the Koran, from teachings in the Hadiths and later rulings of Islamic law.

Terrorism against Christians and Jews cannot be detached from Islam because it is Islam.

When Muslims chant the old genocidal battle cry, “Khybar khaybar ya yahoos,” at Oxford or Toulouse University or when University of California Professor Hatem Bazian recites the Hadith that states, “The Day of Judgment will never happen until you fight the Jews”; the fiction that this is a new conflict dating back to 1948 unravels.

If Islam’s conflict were only with Christians and Jews, it might be dismissed as an old rivalry. But Islam, at least scripturally, hates Jews and Christians less than it hates every other religion out there.

While Jews and Christians have the provisional status of People of the Book, second class citizens, the rest of the world is treated as idolaters and polytheists and faces an even more unrelenting genocide.

If the Koran is nasty toward Christians and Jews, it’s even worse when it comes to everyone else. “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them” (Koran 9:5), “Kill them wherever you meet them” (Koran 2:192) and “When you meet in regular battle those who disbelieve, smite their necks” (Koran 47:5).

These are not mere words. The Muslim conquests of India led to the mass murder of as many as 80 million Hindus. The Hindu Kush mountain range commemorates a small part of the genocide that took place. Likewise the Buddhists were massacred in large numbers.

Islam does not win many religious debates. It achieves its victory through the Koranic command, “Fight those who believe not in Allah” (Koran 9:29).

This isn’t ancient history; it’s why Muslims continue to kill Hindus and Buddhists today.

Apologists will claim that it’s the Hindus and Buddhists, like the Christians and Jews, who are persecuting Muslims. But it’s hard to argue that Hindu and Buddhist minorities in Pakistan are persecuting Muslims.

Not even the most shameless apologist for Islam would attempt to claim that Zoroastrians are being persecuted in Iran… because that tiny oppressed minority is persecuting the Islamic majority. The persecution of the Bahai in Iran or the Kalash in Pakistan show that Muslim religious intolerance exists even entirely divorced from foreign affairs or past history.

Islam is not intolerant as a response to intolerance. It is inherently intolerant.

Ten of the fifteen most religiously intolerant countries in the world are Muslim. There is no way to square that with the claim that Muslims are the victims of religious intolerance, rather than its perpetrators.

Muslims engage in religious conflicts both as majorities and minorities. They engage in religious conflicts with both minorities and majorities. They persecute other religions regardless of whether they are old or new, even if there is no existing history of conflict. They are motivated by a relentless xenophobia.

It doesn’t matter what you believe, so long as your belief differs from theirs. You can believe in nothing at all. You can even believe in another version of Islam.

When Muslims run out of non-Muslims to persecute, they attack other Muslims. In Libya and Tunisia, Salafists have targeted Sufis. Syria and Iraq are being torn apart by conflicts between Sunnis and Shiites.

In Australia, a Sheikh prays, “Oh Allah, count the Buddhists and the Hindus one by one. Oh Allah, count them and kill them to the very last one.” On Al Jazeera, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Spiritual Guide,Yusuf al-Qaradawi prayed for the Jews, “O Allah, do not spare a single one of them. O Allah, count their numbers, and kill them, down to the very last one.” A Gaza sermon demands, “Strike the Jews… the Christians… Allah count them and kill them to the last one.”

This is genocide. It’s also Islam. Not a tiny minority of it either.

Islam did not expand by treating minorities well. It grew through genocide, slavery and war. That is still how it is growing today.

Islamic terrorism is not a protest movement; it is a new wave of religious conquests, spreading fear and death into the lands to be conquered. Into the Dar-al-Harb. The House of War. A Muslim bombing is not a cry for help by the oppressed, it is a demand that the bombed submit to their new Muslim oppressors.

from: http://www.frontpagemag.com/2014/dgreenfield/islams-religious-war-with-everyone/

Doug’s 2cents:

It doesn’t matter whose fault it is.  It matters how quickly anyone at all like a STATESMAN or STATES Woman stands side by side would-be enemies and sits down and resolves it.  If not:

Both of these one-sided mono-tribes (like a diatribe but more parochial, less visionary) only go to show why the often-attacked Muslims living between Saudi Arabia and Western Afghanistan and all parts in between,except, at least this time,Iran and Saudi Arabia. Wait. Saudia Arabia? The same country that willingly over pumped oil at the bequest of Barack Obama,thus screwing Russia into a deep economic grave,yes that samekingdom,whose prince was OsamaBin Laden,and who sent 15 of the 19 911 hijackers our way: HAS ALWAYS BEEN OUR FRIEND. Read Pulitzer Prize winner Craig Unger’s House of Bush House of Saud. Read about the Carlyle Group run by Papa Bush (good health to you sir) which invests the Saudi money for them,buying, amoung otherthings, Baskin Robbins and Dunkin Donuts.

Thus,if they are our friends (See Farrenheit 911, Michael Moore) AND attacked the World Trade Center, And put a “dying of liver cancer” Osama up as a target (one that was hit,perhaps AFTER Bin Laden died of cancerous causes?) and icing Obama as a can-do Bush style hawk.

Less than a week after the DI and Dodi thing I wrote of this possibly being the beginning of World War Three. I wish I could say I was dead wrong back then,but by the looks of it,the potential for such a conflagration is growing by the hour.

We dove in headlong on this apparently FINAL Christian Muslim war when Dodi and Di perished in Paris. The latest 12 dead in France at a completely likely site, when the country was in triple lock-down for terrorist attacks,and that that Charlie Hebdo,the satirical newspaper that wisecracks about all religions and fool-hearty human behavior, was once already firebombed.

Worse yet President Hollande listed this magazine’s building as being “securely safe” or Safely secured,”
to which the electronosphere responded,post facto:

Je Suis

But, race fans, and for those keeping score at home,this USA versus the Muslims,and then whipping up Shia versus Sunni with stunts like using former Republican Attorney General to defend Saddam Hussein, thus allowing Hussein to keep whipping up Sunni-Shia Hatred,and before that,in the 2000 election, ummm, Ramsey Clark was Al Gore’s lead defense lawyer. oh? Why was Al using a Republican lawyer? Why did Clark suggest only recounting 7 counties when the Florida law required a recount of all 100? OH, AH, yes, because recounting all 100 found Gore an overwhelming winner. And that doesn’t include the 16,000 African Americans that were turned away at the polls,which pales in comparison to the 40,000 that were turned away in North Carolina the same year.

This mega war fix has BEEN IN since 1980 one could figure. Those of you who are not yet nervous or with contingency plans might wanna spend sometime planning for “hard times.” Only hard times will allow our government to payback its debt (see Southern Europe, Ireland,etc.).So find a way to join a co-op that grows its own food. Find a way to grow your own. Make close and closer friends of all ages and persuasions. Philosophical overlap is not really required,a simple commitment to survive can cause many folks to work together,if we only will. The media has been driving wedges into our society in multiple attacks from differing angles.

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On the Knoll

On the Knoll

Goodbye helping hand, goodbye nine iron,
goodbye to the man sitting on a five gallon
bucket, begging for food. There used to be
time to give: time also left town, leaving me
with an attempt at familial monk-hood. You
know, fatherhood as countryside writer.
Goodbye to my tired modes which have been
so much more than a friend. Now time to
push for my own life, my son’s life, my wife’s
life. To have the balls to break the trap that
provided such comfort. Jumping, full blast,
into a life of less. Can this be salvation?

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 2006. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Genocide, Slavery, Greed

Genocide, Slavery, Greed


We cry for the slavery that led to such wealth,
This is not just the land of the free.
We witness genocide all over this earth.
What can we do to end greed?

We cry for the land, full of modified crops
We must work to save human life.
What will our grandchildren have to live through
Since our appetite causes such strife?

The oil wars that started a decade ago
Have moved toward the Caspian Sea.
We are the dissidents, loud, without fear,
Even if we are cut at the knees.

We cry for the news they keep off TV,
The grapevine could snap any day.
Disinformation is the age we live in,
So who’s going to show us the way?

The answer is simple, we grow as a team,
A new brotherhood in the light.
We must build the village, invite all your friends,
This is no time to give up the fight!

They have all the bombs, the juntas abound,
Monsanto is spraying the poor.
We must dig our hands into arable land
Or genetics will foul every spore.

Profit mongers have sucked the earth dry,
We must reclaim all that we can.
Industrial China, the last frontier,
Soon money will own every man.

The kids on the streets are locked-down together,
Push a bike, and you could get ten years!
All this is forced because we stopped caring,
Yet some offer blood, sweat and tears.

We couldn’t stop bosses from shipping our jobs,
The replacement is for-profit jails.
Our schools are rotting, so teach if you can,
Where it counts, not Harvard or Yale.

The time is upon us, united as friends
We can make anything grow.
Come join the party, sing and dance all the day,
Tomorrow we get out the vote.

We cry for the genocide, slavery, greed
That persists after thousands of years.
It’s late, but there’s time, if we really work hard
We can stop the torrent of tears.

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 2002. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Christmas 2001

Christmas 2001

Mike and Jann flew down this year
But in advance of Santa.
Sammy, Heather and Carie settle for Mickey Mouse.
Visits mean more now, so a side trip
To Gramps and Grammy and Uncle Dat
Allows a glimpse, brings energy to the house.

A white Buffalo, born in 1995, was our clue
That maybe somehow something would hit
To make human contact with nature important again.
We’re gathered, yet apart. Far too individual to
Remember when tribes were the only way to survive.
Oil did it.. Energy gives a chance to see friends.

Twenty dollar checks to hundreds of charities
Chip away at the mounds of guilt piled by
Knowing we have so much more than most.
Are there enough hugs to breach the wide gap
Between urban dwellers and the golfing set?
Something hit all right, but can we accomplish, or do we coast?

Two thirds of the family passes this way:
It’s Christmas, drink eggnog, talk turkey, hold hands,
Be happy that life keeps its promise again.
Fly south, send out greetings, don’t waste a drop.
Spend time solving your city’s plight.
Offer your services, be selfless this year, make some new friends.




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Armistice Is Only Words Away

Armistice is only Words Away

Red and yellow leaves smash above remaining green
On brittle trees stressed by drought.
The fall crop grows together from fear.
War ruins the party here, starving refugees move out.

Warm sun parches grass to dust in Chapel Hill.
Light kills. News disrupts gentle walks.
Two thousand one claims close lives, no way to hide
The reign death’s image starts with superficial talk.

Peaceful winds entice lovers bent on keeping war at bay.
Rice is blown to bits, extreme starvation, war means war.
The dissidents’ Gulag hut awaits activist Americans,
And “your flag decal won’t get you into heaven anymore.” 1

Three deer caught in lights that look like monster’s eyes.
Nature, fraught with tarmac, endures another “bombs away.”
Scream , young angst poets. Wipe the cynical smirk off and scream!
One life to infect your neighborhood. One chance only: today.

1- John Prine, 1969.



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And One By Ed Lyons, Copytright Ed Lyons, 2001.


        Dawn, New York


Light seeps into every narrow lane,

Creeping down the skyline ledge by ledge;

Over queens, the morning star’s in wane.


The station’s empty as an empty train

Grinds underneath the sidewalks of Bay Ridge:

Light seeps into every narrow lane.


A harbor beacon blinks now and again;

The tide rolls out beneath the Brooklyn Bridge:

Over Queens the morning star’s in wane.


The bells of Spanish Harlem ring out plain;

In Central Park the dew falls from the hedge

As light seeps into every narrow lane.


LaGuardia’s lights still lit, an outbound plane

Taxis whining to the runway’s edge.

Over Queens, the morning star’s in wane.


While rising swiftly toward the Atlantic plain,

The sun plods its slow course from age to age:

Light seeps into every narrow lane,

As over Queens, the morning star’s in wane.

KC and the Thanksgiving Prayer

KC and the Thanksgiving Prayer

I gave a thanksgiving prayer to a new family I met near Asheville.
I got twigs and built a triangle (the three goddesses: corn, squash and
beans) and a square (the four directions: North – Winter and cleansing,
East: Spring and beginnings, South: Summer and warmth, West: Fall
and remembrances. The triangle sits above the square, because it is the
women who feed us.

You start in the square facing West and, while turning right for each
new direction, say:

We salute you for your wind and fresh new sky
We salute your wonderful people and cleansing snow
We greet the day with dreams to labor by
We salute your sun and love and fun and go

To green mountains, cold river by the leaves
Of Rhododendron bushes, tall black trees.
A new friend of mine now believes,
Captured by spirits she feels by doesn’t have to see.

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 2000. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Memories of Red Weather

Memories of Red Weather

You stop, then break back. You are
Balanced today in habitual
Rhythms. You wrap
Sea oats.
You will paint them into a
Dream of blue horses.
Imagine the smile a
Life without stress
Will provide
You’ve smartly allowed your
Dream to come true,
Which is so good
You’re not sure
How you’re
Going to
Then you quickly remember
Your manners, your music.
La Mode has returned,
Now enlightened life
Grows avenues
All at
You pull out your pen, paintbrush
Guitar. Red tractors focus in
A photograph at 55 MPH.
Jenny steers her black
Honda through
Speed trap
You dance again, blow out a
Knee and revert to
Swimming miles
At the local
Welcome back to 1972. You’ve
Got the car, attitude, and
Personality to

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Now or Never

Now or Never

A turtle flies through the universe.
We ride on the back of the turtle.
The Undergods dwell in Canandaigua,

The Overgods look down from clouds.
Even if we’re 300 moons away from
When this mattered, most of our lives

Are touched by one holy inspiration: nature.
Cosmic coincidence should not amaze here.
You are in the middle of the new awareness.

Black rocks spin and dive in deep water.
A four-year-old runs then swims.
Relaxed willow provides humid shelter.

You peek under the giant grass skirt
And see four tangled feet. You don’t peek further.
Gray locusts send twirling twigs to hair.

You swim out to a cooler spot of deep water.
The white snake, awake again,
Leaves Bare Hill, not reeking havoc

But cutting new creeks to hike along,
Full of crawdads and water spiders.
You retrace ancient steps. You sneak

Through the old neighborhood, now trespassing.
Four tangled feet, a few skipping stones
And the spirit within you:

Now awareness reigns. Corn presents
A raw treat for passing minstrels. Nothing
Talked about or noticed matters.

A turtle flies through the universe.
We ride on the back of the turtle.
The Undergods dwell in Canandaigua,

The Overgods look down from clouds.
Even if we’re 300 moons away from
When this mattered, most of our lives

Are touched by one holy inspiration: nature.
Cosmic coincidence should not amaze here.
You are in the middle of the new awareness.

Black rocks spin and dive in deep water.
A four-year-old runs then swims.
Relaxed willow provides humid shelter.

You peek under the giant grass skirt
And see four tangled feet. You don’t peek further.
Gray locusts send twirling twigs to hair.

You swim out to a cooler spot of deep water.
The white snake, awake again,
Leaves Bare Hill, not reeking havoc

But cutting new creeks to hike along,
Full of crawdads and water spiders.
You retrace ancient steps. You sneak

Through the old neighborhood, now trespassing.
Four tangled feet, a few skipping stones
And the spirit within you:

Now awareness reigns. Corn presents
A raw treat for passing minstrels. Nothing
Talked about or noticed matters.

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 1999. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Nine Slapper

Nine Slapper

Blue bird in the air,
Golden boy delights.
Skipping stones without a care,
Singing in the night.

Seagull pierces silence,
The dawn is on the rise.
Fishermen are busy
Watching for red skies.

River wanders, digging earth
Fertilizing soil.
Weekend mongers slobber
Spilling pints of oil.

Red-skinned native stands,
A reminder of the past.
Spearing fish and digging clams,
Hoping they will last.

Blue-eyed boy walks on,
Determined to have fun.
Lonely lovers cry,
Searching for the sun.

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 1975. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Take A.I.M.

Take A.I.M

Several times within the week
My heart begins to ache,
To the Seneca I speak,
No need here to fake.

Skaneatles, Canandaigua,
Wine surrounds the lakes.
Seneca and Keuka
Are missing native wakes.

No more red-skinned swimmers,
No more birch canoes.
Bare Hill is getting dimmer,
Iroquois are few.

Ganundua is still quite red,
But only once a year.
At other times the nation’s dead,
It always brings a tear.

Iroquois nation will return,
Just look into my eye.
The rage inside the nation burns
We will never die.

Copyright, Doug Stuber, 1975. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

The Dinner Party Chapter 11

Dinner Party Chapter 11 – Stuber

Catherine the Great was now not the only suspect in the killing of Running Bear. The investigation was centered on a proud old Mohawk named Crow. Crow has never hidden his ancestors hatred of the Onodowaga. He often held up decisions by refusing to ally his beliefs with the wishes of the nation if the Onondowagas had thought of them first.
The elders did not know that Crow was really a spy for the Hurons. The Hurons were a devilishly smart band from north and west of Lake Ontario. They had run into Mohawk and Onodowaga for many Centuries before the Peacemaker visited. While the Peacemaker made friends naturally, Crow had to swallow pride to befriend the people who his followers still hated. So clever were the Hurons, that they not only had a respected elder of the Haudenosaunee in their pocket as a spy, but they also posed him as a rebel reactionary who still held on to the Mohawk /Onodowaga feuds. This way he could release his hatred, thereby making his cover that much more realistic.
Apparently Catherine was able to detect the type of warrior she was used to in Crow. The accusers were wrapping the murder of Running Bear in the cloak of high intrigue by floating their conspiracy theory over the fire as our wandering eye swooped down from the clouds on a late August night to catch and report their abrupt conversation:

Big Deer: You know that Crow has always hated the Onodowaga. It is easy for me to believe that Catherine could convince him to murder Running Bear.
Flying Owl: Easy to believe, but neither Bobbing Tail nor her clan want the wrong man accused. Your theory is not proven, and would lead us to give up other possible killers.
Big Deer: We need to send word to our spies to watch Catherine and Crow as they head east. Crow is hot-headed. He will brag, or falter and we will have our proof.

Stuber 11.2

Marley: Sure, and if you get your proof, what will you do, sneak in and kill him? Don’t you think that will piss them off enough to send people after his murderer?
Big Deer: Not if we send someone willing to give up his life.
Marley: A kamikaze?
Flying Owl: A candidate who is brave and who will kill Crow and then be killed in return before leaving their camps.
Marley: Are you kidding?
Flying Owl: No. They will not have the resources to split off a troop to send back here, and once the murder is revenged, there will be little hollering for more killing.
Marley: I can’t support any type of martyrdom. It is hard to believe someone would volunteer for such duty.
Big Deer: You don’t realize how much reverence our people have for their brothers. Especially the leaders who are as brave as Running Bear was.


The Dinner Party Chapter 10

Dinner Party Chapter Ten Stuber

Tad: I have a game of three questions, will you play?
“Stephanie”: What type of questions will they be?
Tad: The first two will be questions of time, the last one will be a straightforward yes or no question.
“Stephanie”: That seems like an innocent enough trio. Go ahead, let’s play.
Tad: Do you think forty minutes is just the right amount of time, too long a time, or not enough time to perform cunnilingus on a woman?
“Stephanie”: Would this be continual, regardless of orgasms?
Tad: Yes. In other words could you stand forty minutes, would it be too much for you, or would you want your man to go more than forty minutes with the love tongue, even if you had twenty orgasms?
“Stephanie”: Forty minutes would be fine, I’d want to harden his hanging meat and saddle-ride Marley until he burst with joy just after he did that.
Tad: Marley, hmmm, I see. Okay, second question: When was the last time your heart went pitter-patter like the first time you were in love during your twelfth or thirteenth summer?
Bobbing Tail stood there for a while. An inner tear, squelched before Flying Owl could see it, welled up in her.
“Stephanie”: You have saddened me with that question. Only once since my 18th spring, and that was the time I met Running Bear. That one time was just the other day.
Tad: Don’t tell me who it was. I’ve had a flutter in my heart recently too.
“Stephanie”: What is your last question.
Tad: You got forty minutes to spare?
Tad’s finesse went unnoticed by Stephanie, but not by the other two who wandered off.
“Stephanie”: I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ve been looking for Marley. He is a mystic, and I can learn form him. I always liked his music, but I have a warm place for him that is more magnetic than an attraction to his music.

Stuber 10.2

Tad: I mean do you have forty minutes to spare right now so I can test your meddle against the world’s most active tongue.
“Stephanie”: With you!?
Tad: I was thinking it would be fun. What is the harm in fooling around. If this is a dream, and I am a holy man, why can’t I invent what a holy man is? I’m the God of cunnilingus.
“Stephanie”: You’re some type of holy pervert.
Tad: No, I was thinking, that in my life before this dream, I had as many physical problems as a person could possibly survive. Maybe I am here not just to bridge religions, but also to teach people how to get the most out of the bodies they have.
“Stephanie”: What do you mean?
Tad: Let’s say you’re a beautiful model and all the world would like to have sex with you. You’ve got a weird boyfriend, and everyone thinks you have great sex. Truth is, you’re alone a lot, and when the jerk is home you have quick, male-dominated sex that is not thrilling, and reminds you of your uncle Frank who raped you when you were 14 years old?
“Stephanie”: Holy shit, how did you know all that? But it wasn’t my uncle it was a friend of my fathers!
Tad: I didn’t, I was making up an example.
“Stephanie”: You got really lucky, but a lot of what you just said was just like what I went through with Axis. Axis was this wanked out musician who raped me continually. He figured he was making me happy, but he wasn’t.
Tad: Well, if you think I am good at guessing your past, why wouldn’t I be able to get you past your fears of men so you could enjoy you’re body, just like every man in America did back before the dream.
“Stephanie”: Hmm, sounds interesting, but why couldn’t Marley do that.
Tad: Truth is, he could, but he won’t be able to until you approach him with a different mind.
“Stephanie”: I still don’t get it.
Tad: Just ten minutes ago you were all a-flutter about Marley. You were

Stuber 10.3

ready to let him do to you what your uncle did to you, just to gain his favor.
“Stephanie”: but everyone has to do things they don’t like in a relationship.
Tad: So no matter how good the sex could be, to you it is a way to be with someone you love. Or is it just his music you love?
“Stephanie”: I am attracted to him physically though.
Tad: Sure, but with all you just said, it seems like sex will bring back many bad memories for you, even if it is good sex. You described it as doing things you don’t like to do. I realize good relationships require healthy compromise, but don’t you think it’s weird that a woman who has photos taken and spread about the country in nothing but underwear would have almost no fun at sex?
“Stephanie”: I have orgasms all the time!
Tad: With men?
“Stephanie”: Sure.
Tad: But I think you could have much more fun with sex with men. women, by yourself, or whatever.
“Stephanie”: You’re sick.
Tad: Nope. I just think I can help you with your body, and the way you relate to men. It seems a shame to me that anyone as attractive as you should be trapped with a psyche that drives men away once you have first done so much to attract them in the first place.
“Stephanie”: So you were a shrink before the dream?
Tad: Not at all. Most of what I know about people I just learned along the way.
“Stephanie”: So how do you think you got invited to this dream. For me it was easy. Everybody knows my face. I’m sure I’m here to help produce offspring that blend the cultures. But what about you. You think you know sex, but I thought you had health problems before the dream.
Tad: Sure. I went years without having sex. I was about to die when the dream took me here. What I know best is feelings. I know what it’s like to be alone. I know what it’s like to have loves lost because my body was not right for people. this dream has made my body right. So let me help you with what I know,

Stuber 10.4

and you can help me with what you know.
“Stephanie”: Well, it’s a thing to do. I don’t know much more than how to look sexy. I know how to raise a kid I guess. but My child was only four when the dream came along.
Tad: Come, let’s go get acquainted.
“Stephanie”: There you go again you pervert.
Tad: No pervert here, I just think we should be alone to talk you through your stuff.
“Stephanie”: You may not have noticed, but our talk has made us alone.
{We’ll go to T. and S. for the two folks here, as this whole chapter is bound to spiral down to just the two of them.} (It saves paper too.)
T.: OK, so where shall we start?
S.: I really don’t want to talk to you about this.
T.: I figured that before, but I’m sorry I jumped straight to the physical therapy.
S.: You really need to try better lines.
T.: This is no line.
S.: I know you think you’re slick, but how is having a romp with you going to change my feelings about men and sex and life?
T.: I wasn’t talking about a romp, I was talking about helping you learn to relax around men. Physical therapy is as simple as sitting together. not Talking, not making love, not thinking about too much.
S.: But here we are in this magnificent dream and you want to sit around!?
T.: Whatever you like.
S.: That’s not going to fix anything.
T.: No?
S.: OK, do you know where we can get some pot.
T.: If we were back home I could find you some, but these folks don’t necessarily smoke hemp in their peace pipes.

Stuber 10.5

S.: Boy, you don’t catch on very fast.
T.: Alright, I know where we can borrow a peace pipe. I still don’t know where to find any smoke.
S.: it’s drying in a hut. Sometimes they make things out of it, but not very often. hey, do you know who owns the pipe we are going to find?
T.: No, I saw one hanging on the wall of the gonohsoe the other night.
S:. you ding-dong, that’s a ceremonial pipe. If they saw it missing it would be like taking a bead belt with the history of the Heron clan on it.
T.: Oh.
Tad and “Stephanie” head for a group of sitting men.
T.: Does anyone have a casual pipe we can borrow for a smoke?
The men were amused that tad would allow a woman to smoke casually with him. One handed Tad a small pipe, and, with hand gestures, told him he could keep it.
“Stephanie” had already started toward the hut that housed the pot, when one of the sitting men stood and ran after her. He handed her a bud about a foot long. She wandered back to find Tad standing with pipe in hand.
S.: Looks like we’re in business.
T.: Do you want to go down by the lake?
S.: Sure.
T.: You’re a beautiful lady.
S.: You’re smart for your age.
T.: Well, I know these parts.
S.: What do you mean, are you some type of time traveler who has been here before?
T.: Well, if you meditate hard enough you can take your mind anywhere, but that’s not what I meant. I used to live on this lake.
S.: What!? Do the others now about this?
T.: No. I have been trying to figure out my mission here. I assumed that the

Stuber 10.6

natives know how to scout the area better than I do. So, maybe my love of people gave me the job of shaman for the invitees.
S.: Not too much of an egoist are you?
T.: Well, Marley himself has had some bizarre dreams about the Maori people of New Zealand. he is already considered the most reliable of the visitors. Don’t you think it is odd that I know more about the Maori religion than he does.
S.: how’s that?
T.: I lived in New Zealand for a year in 1973, then I returned. I know the things he has been dreaming about, and I can tell you that he is correct in their interpretations of dreams. Anyway, he told me that the top woman god of the Maori told him in a dream that I was to be the religious liaison for the whites and Indians.
S.: Yeah?
T.: Don’t you see, that makes me Handsome Lake!
S.: So what does that mean. I mean, who was he.
T.: Originally he showed up much later in time than we are now. He was a man who taught the Iroquois how to live in peace with the white man. It meant the end of their power, but, as you will recall, the native ways and religions were just catching on again in 1991 when we all seem to have been yanked from our lives.
S.: I know. Nostradamus was telling me about it.
T.: What else did he tell you about?
S.: He told me about the birth of the white Buffalo in 1994 or 1995. He told me about the death of the high shaman of the Iroquois tribe in 1996.
T.: Did he tell you the last thing the medicine man said before he died.
S.: I don’t remember.
T.: Shit.
S.: Why, what does it matter?
T.: There is always significance when an important person dies. Often what

Stuber 10.7

they say on their death bed has an impact, because their followers will see that it comes true even if they have to die for it.
S.: All he told me was that this guy believed that before the year 2000 the Great Creator would visit earth.
T.: Huh!?
S.: Yeah, I think he said that in one form or another, the creator would be back on earth as of August 17, 1996.
T.: That can’t be true. I mean if he said that, then the people in his tribe will be preparing for signs of the creator. It also means that idiots will be running around sacrificing themselves or saying they are Jesus Christ, or whatever. Remember, the year 1000 set off the crusades.
S.: I had forgotten that.
T.: God, maybe it already started happening, I mean with Kurt Cobain, then back with Hendrix, Joplin, Morrison and Duane Allman. That’s got to be the reason Duane Allman is here.
S.: Cher told me Gregg Allman’s a drunk, but a hell of a lot of fun. I think she even had a kid with him.
T.: Sure did: Elijah Blue Allman.
S.: So why do you think Duane’s here?
T.: Well, I used to think Duane was part of the group of unlucky musicians that once associated with Eric Clapton, just before bizarre deaths.
S.: What do you mean.
T.: Well, there was that singer for the Yardbirds who got electrocuted, and then Brother Duane, and don’t forget the kid out the window, and how about Stevie Ray Vaughn. I can’t imagine what Clapton’s been through, but if anyone has earned the right to sing the blues it’s him.
S.: It still doesn’t explain why this dreamer picked the people he picked.
T.: I can guess why he picked you and Jessica Lange. Then it was the other one, Monica who also picked people. I think she’s the one who picked Jerry Garcia.

Stuber 10.8

S.: But you said you knew why Duane was here.
T.: It’s a theory really. Marley, Garcia and Allman all survived the sixties. They were all writing stuff that was a bit anti-establishment EXCEPT Allman. He’s here strictly as a musician then. But, with the connection to Clapton and the crazy way he was mowed down from behind, even though the red light on his Harley worked fine, it makes you wonder what he knows. Maybe you could get closer to him than I could.
S.: Sure, but I like Marley more.
T.: This isn’t a game of spies or Mata Hari’s revenge, but if we could gather the knowledge and spread it around, we’d be in control of what happens around here.
The two were nearing the water.
S.: You’re such an ego-maniac, how would we be in control of what goes on?
T.: If you figure the TV news at least controls a little bit of what goes on in the minds of Americans, then, if we can figure out the complexities of what people know, we should be able to figure out the future, if the people apply their experiences to the situation at hand.
S.: Got any proof you theory works?
T.: Catherine the Great has proved out fairly well already. She seduced the chief, probably got him killed one way or the other when he went against her plans, and is now leading a peace-loving people into war.
S.: My brain’s all warped by this.
“Stephanie” slips into the water. She wades in one foot at a time. When she gets in about up to a knee she slows down. On a 90-degree day, 60-degree water is colder than you could possibly know. Small rivulets expand from her leg. Like tiny wakes, these expanding circles lead her to greater depths. When she gets to the bottom of the gap between her legs she slows down again. She doesn’t want to ruin the only “clothes” she has so she takes them off. No way for Tad to catch up with her thought patterns here. Who would think that getting clothes wet would ruin

Stuber 10.9

them? So he’s standing there thinking that his physical therapy session is about to begin, while she’s naked, half in the water, and wondering whether her genitals can possible accept the cold water. She knows her perfect B-cup titties will be in pain soon; well, either pain or excited, either way, erect nipples will soon be pointing at this guy Tad if she goes in and then comes out of this water. Without thinking she steps further out. The slippery rocks create a downdraft that flies in over her right shoulder. The downdraft continues between her breasts, down her stomach and between her legs. It causes a splash in the water that is large enough to escape the width of her body. It is only a three-inch-in-diameter splash below her pubis, but it goes wide and shows up out of her back and up her front. It splashes to her shoulders, front and back. Tad figures it’s the world’s largest, most explosive Quife (vaginal fart) on record. He may be wrong, but “Stephanie” assumes the same thing, after all, a regular anal zephyr would only cause a splash up the back side. Plus, with a regular, you’d have to be the exact right distance form the water. A Quife, however is much less horizontally directed. In this case it would have had to let itself go without “Stephanie” knowing about it. No, this was a downdraft, but there was no way for either of them to know that. Being what it was, the downdraft caused “Stephanie” to slip and fall backwards into the water.
Just then Tad dabbed a big toe into the water.
“Stephanie” splashed around, stumbled up, grabbed her pubis with one hand and a bosom with the other. Suddenly she was embarrassed to be naked.
T.: Don’t worry, I’m not here to gawk or make you feel weird.
S.: I don’t even know you!
T.: But somehow you felt alright about skinny dipping in front of me, even though I wasn’t in the water.
S.: I wasn’t thinking. I didn’t want to ruin my only clothes.
T.: OK, do you want to feel more comfortable?
S.: I feel comfortable, but why should I be naked, if you’re not?
T.: OK

Stuber 10.10

Tad disrobed and exposed a stumpy penis that was slowly getting wood. It still hung, but it wasn’t flaccid either.
S.: You’re nothing to write home about.
T.: I’ll grow on you.
S.: Shall we?
T.: We shall not. Not until you are comfortable.
S.: Now you’re getting ridiculous. If I wanna go, and you wanna go, who’s not comfortable?
T.: You may love the idea of good spontaneous sex, so do I, but you still won’t have as good a time as you could.
S.: OK we’ll do it our way.
Tad stepped back and laid his clothes on the soft grasses that flowed, now and then, in the breezes. He matted down an area near the path they had traveled to reach the water. it was a small path. There were so many paths that led to the water that some were used way more than others. This less-traveled path bent around hard wood trees, some Pines, some Birches, maybe a Maple or two. It went up a slope to a clearing. A few fields further and you’ve got the group of homes Tad was going to steal the pipe from.
{Anyway, he is about to light up the pipe he borrowed. Lucky for them Stephanie didn’t get her top wet. That’s where she had stashed the mondo-bud.}
T.: I think I want to swim too.
Tad said this, just as “Stephanie” was offering her loins above his head. She was standing over him while he propped himself on an elbow. Her dishwater blonde pubic hair (dyed form the original black, but fading back to black as we speak) dripped a pure water droplet from Ganandauguay. He tickled the inner thigh of “Stephanie’s” right leg, then sat up and went in for a dip.
She sat stunned, then laughed, then pulled out the bud. Some of the leafy substance around the edges had fallen off, but there was plenty left for eight or ten bowls. She broke off a thumbnail’s worth, packed it lightly in the bowl and realized

Stuber 10.11

she had no way to light the sucker. While he swam, she traipsed back to the fire (almost a mile) and got a light, and a burning stick to light another fire with. The sitting men were arguing, but quit, and laughed when they saw her walking up looking for a light all naked. Usually once girls got to be ten or so, nudity in broad daylight was out of the question in these parts. To see more of “Stephanie” than expected, a few of the men lied horizontal as she approached. Most were still laughing, but no one teased. Who could tease such a woman? Who could be in anything but awe of a woman from the future who was willing to parade thusly.
She gathered her supplies and walked away. If they hadn’t laughed she might not have remembered she was naked. As she approached she heard Tad.
T.: Where the hell are you? Quit teasing around. I see your clothes here, but where are you?
S.: I’m just coming.
She was still out of sight.
T.: You’ve been masturbating?
S.: No.
T.: Where did you go.
S.: I went to get a light.
“Stephanie” appeared from the small path.
T.: Oh.
He smiled. He envisioned the scene back with the sitting men. His vision was a bit off. No way he could have guessed that the clan would simply laugh at her.
S.: How was your swim?
T.: It was great. It was better than any other swim I’ve ever had.
S.: You’re probably too pooped to enjoy this.
T.: I doubt it.
Stephanie handed over the smoking pipe. Tad took a toke and held it in. He coughed a little and stared at Stephanie without realizing it.




  • Before You Speak

    Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate ask ‘Is it kind? Rumi  Translated by Coleman Barks



“The Dinner Party,” a novella in 11 chapters plus endnotes, copyright, Doug Stuber, 1992.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Now or Never

Now or Never

A turtle flies through the universe.
We ride on the back of the turtle.
The Undergods dwell in Canandaigua,

The Overgods look down from clouds.
Even if we’re 300 moons away from
When this mattered, most of our lives

Are touched by one holy inspiration: nature.
Cosmic coincidence should not amaze here.
You are in the middle of the new awareness.

Black rocks spin and dive in deep water.
A four-year-old runs then swims.
Relaxed willow provides humid shelter.

You peek under the giant grass skirt
And see four tangled feet. You don’t peek further.
Gray locusts send twirling twigs to hair.

You swim out to a cooler spot of deep water.
The white snake, awake again,
Leaves Bare Hill, not reeking havoc

But cutting new creeks to hike along,
Full of crawdads and water spiders.
You retrace ancient steps. You sneak

Through the old neighborhood, now trespassing.
Four tangled feet, a few skipping stones
And the spirit within you:

Now awareness reigns. Corn presents
A raw treat for passing minstrels. Nothing
Talked about or noticed matters.




Copyright, Doug Stuber, 1999. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

How Politics Makes us Stupid and reactions

From Gwen Fortune after reading http://www.vox.com/2014/4/6/5556462/brain-dead-how-politics-makes-us-stupid

My conclusion, summation and assessment is found in the deep meaning of the phrase, The arrogance of ignorance. Beneath the “A of I” is the acceptance of Fear as the foundation of human existence. Most humans accept fear of extinction as the ground of being–even as they espouse belief in a “loving creature.” Withdrawal from opening to the unknown, to ultimate truths that do not deny “The Shadow” of existence, the yin and yang, the ebb and flaw, in every aspect keeps us in the darkness of the unknown, and prevents the species from actual enlightenment.

We ARE cowards, spinning energies in sick withdrawal–truly the partially evolved.There are many ways these concepts can be and have been stated. I have no more “eloquence” except what I say above. I am saddened–and would like to be hopeful.-and wrong, Maybe another evolutionary epoch.or more will bring critical mass–and productive change. I am not aware of scientific findings to the contrary, to date.

. All I/We know is the creation and destruction of matter in the forms of the physical universes, So far, known history and uncovering pre-history demonstrate a litany” of unending possibilities—until–and the existence of dark (unknown) matter and energy. Belief, and wishing M

PLEASE…do not interpret this response to Charlie’s note as “positive” OR “negative,” Everything we do is personal interpretation to our experience, diverted through an individual mind conditioned in unique communities. As such, our freedom is conditioned/manipulated by personal experience. We have socially conditioned and” apparently” spontaneous responses to our life. Free will?? in our dreams..”Beiliefs–our fantasy.

We are determined by “The Arrogance of Ignorance grounded in the limitation of fear.” Were that it differed.. A hope wish and desire. The wizard.

Channeled ( so I am being told) through /Oya C’Shiva –Gwendoline Alpha Young Fortune,

On Wed, Jul 9, 2014 at 10:14 AM, Charlie Lindahl

Very interesting artlcle; worth the read. They mention a study where they demonstrate that MORE information and higher intelligence
may NOT always yield the “right” answer. This article requires careful deep reasoning and is by no means the be-all, end-all of the
discussion. But is a fascinating approach to the issues of politics in general.

There’s a simple theory underlying much of American politics. It sits hopefully at the base of almost every speech, every op-ed, every article, and every panel discussion. It courses through the Constitution and is a constant in President Obama’s most stirring addresses. It’s what we might call the More Information Hypothesis: the belief that many of our most bitter political battles are mere misunderstandings. The cause of these misunderstandings? Too little information — be it about climate change, or taxes, or Iraq, or the budget deficit. If only the citizenry were more informed, the thinking goes, then there wouldn’t be all this fighting.

It’s a seductive model. It suggests our fellow countrymen aren’t wrong so much as they’re misguided, or ignorant, or — most appealingly — misled by scoundrels from the other party. It holds that our debates are tractable and that the answers to our toughest problems aren’t very controversial at all. The theory is particularly prevalent in Washington, where partisans devote enormous amounts of energy to persuading each other that there’s really a right answer to the difficult questions in American politics — and that they have it.

But the More Information Hypothesis isn’t just wrong. It’s backwards. Cutting-edge research shows that the more information partisans get, the deeper their disagreements become.


Dear Gwen and Charlie and David:

The one issue I have with the original article is simple: it states the political parties have grouped themselves by ideology.

Since 1980, the two Democrat Presidents, Clinton and Obama have proven that though verbally, there is an ideological split between the two parties, when it comes to legislation, the environment, foreign affairs, and labor (to name but four) the actions of the two parties at the top are IDENTICAL.

The ideological divide is a veneer, better put, a whitewash to get people to vote for what appears to be better common sense, a more fair distribution of wealth, some stand on the environment and an end to foreign wars. But none of those have come true.

Look at the Keystone Pipeline, the number of fracking earthquakes i Oklahoma, the continued wars in the middle east, the NOT reviving of the 186 environmental laws scrapped under Bush 2, the NOT rescinding of the unconstitutional Patriot Acts, the NOT restoring of Habeas Corpus, the Hundreds of new formerly unconstitutional surveillance activities, the scrapping of “innocent until proven guilty” by the media, the continued widening of both the income gap and US Debt, both of which could be handled by going back to pre-Bush tax codes, the continued bail outs of banks and AIG that happened under Obama, after derivatives and foreclosures had already gotten the banks their dang money back, the us of drones, the pestering of ANYONE opposed to the government, the deamonization of ANYONE blowing the whistle about unlawful activity by our government, and the pursuit of even MORE FREE TRADE, meaning more USA jobs lost to wage slavery countries, and you see a pattern BY OBAMA that is EXACTLY THE SAME as some of the worst parts of the Bush 2 administration.

Oh there may be an IDEOLOGICAL DIVIDE, but there is no divide whatsoever when it comes to DEEDS, dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.

Hillary Clinton had shown every sign that she would be WORSE. God Bless her, I now look back and see her 1,300 page overhaul of the US health system (Obama failed to lower COSTS, hence he failed in his “reforms” also) as built to fail. She knew it would fail, that’s why she made it so complicated. Bill was on the trilateral commission. ENOUGH SAID, as a governor of Arkansas. Maybe he opposed the Vietnam War at Oxford and she represented an almost-for-sure guilty black panther member who was arrested for murder, IN ORDER TO BUILD a FALSE left wing resume, and had a long term plan to run Bill for President hatched by the same dingbats that sit in the Skull and Crossbones at Yale (sons of the Freemasons, Daughters of the Eastern Star).

Reminder, fellow voters, that Hillary NEVER ONCE voted against ANYTHING AT ALL that Bush 2 wanted. Look it up.

Research about how people are hoodwinked is dandy, academics need their jobs too, but it doesn’t do a DANG THING to change the reality that the media puts the hammer down on Greens and Libertarians alike. Especially, ahem, Greens. We still can’t get the young, the underworked and the impoverished to vote.

Too bad.


I hear and understand what you’re saying, but, given that I’ve attended the Texas Democratic Party State convention recently I disagree that
the difference in the parties is simply a veneer.

I *do* agree with your assessment of policy issues in the main, but Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, and Alan Grayson ARE different from their Republican
counterparts. And they walk the walk, not just talk the talk.

Where the two parties ARE the same (minus the examples I just cited) is that BOTH parties are heavily dependent on
corporate cash.

See the recent interview with Jim Hightower (one of my personal progressive heros) on Bill Moyer on July 4th on this topic.

My evidence for “more than a veneer” from Texas:

1) Look at the huge collection of pictures during the respective conventions (R and D).
R: Almost all old white men (oh, and the Log Cabin Republicans were denied a booth as being “philosophically inconsistent with the party platform”)
D: A huge amount of diversity: age, race, size, gender including (proudly) a LOT of GLBTQ.

2) The respective platforms which will EVENTUALLY be reflected in state policy.
An example that is very real for me and for which I lobbied and protested: Houston
passed a citywide anti-discrimination law on behalf of LBGTQ. Houston is thus the last major
city to pass such an ordinance.

This is a concrete example of LOCAL laws that have been passed by Democratically controlled areas,
even in a red state such as Texas.

> We still can’t get the young, the underworked and the impoverished to vote.

NOT true, at least in *my* area of Texas (Houston and environs extending up to College Station).

I met last night *at my house in College Station* the head of the Battleground Texas person (a young Latina) and
a new employee of the Texas Democratic Party (YES they HIRE and PAY staff in the Texas Democratic Party now!)
whose SOLE job is to get LOCAL candidates elected: sheriff, dog catcher, judges, etc.

They were BOTH motivated, BOTH very knowledgeable, and BOTH actively “on the grond” (block walking). And this is
happening throughout Texas in MASSIVE numbers.

In Montgomery County (where Gwen used to live, and I still do), we TRIPLED the Hispanic vote in the last election. Since we
are such a heavy Republican area, it did not make a difference in our state elections (much) but it DID make
major differences in LOCAL elections.

So please please don’t generalize to EVERYWHERE. I am out in the streets in Texas (literally) and we ARE
doing the necessary hard work on the ground (GOTV, blockwalking, etc). WE WILL get Texas blue by 2016, but
maybe by 2014 (Gov/Lt Gov race at least).

Oh, and back on the Keystone Pipeline: note that the pipeline is NOT flowing yet, and the Texas folk working against
it include a coalition from across the spectrum including Greens and Libertarians (and R’s and D’s). And in TEXAS
the protests have been nationally televised and ARE having an effect IMHO.

[ And yes, I’m an unapologetic optimist and activist. ]

Yes Charlie, it appears to be some great work in your part of the world. And, of all the states, Texas appears to be an interesting battleground again, which hasn’t been true since 1948 when LBJ’s Republican opponent was murdered six weeks before the congressional election.

LBJ could have lost as a democrat in Texas in 1948. Wow, pretty bad guy.

But southern democrats, at least the one that controlled North Carolina for decades before 2012, are easy proof of just how long the pro-rich religiously conservative, anti-labor (right-to-work states are inherently wage slavery states), profit over environment “DEMOCRATS” have looked an awful lot like bigotted Republicans.

When I was young we had progressive Jacob Javitz as a New York lefty Republican. Ha, you’re right, we aren’t likely to see that again, or even a Jack Kemp.

You are also correct about Saunders and his small band. But many Democratic strategists are already Open about EW or BS running for president NOT to beat out Hillary, but simply to move progressives back into the fold. it’s the Jerry brown Syndrome where real lefties are used to fold people under to vote for Hillary.

It would take a universal country-wide movement that is working like your local one to change the democratic party into truly representing the poor. To do do effectively, they would have to END all free trade, END the WTO END the IMF, bring back tariffs, and cause a worldwide economic collapse.

This wouldn’t bother me at all, but I am working harder every day to become a farmer. How else can we save the environment, than to end consummerism?

It’s the radical in me. 70% of what is made in factories we just f\don’t need, and those items are messing up the environment. I’m not a LUDDITE, but certain things, we don’t need now and never did need.

Good luck in Texas!


Thanks for understanding my position, as I do yours.

For me LOCAL is the action and real change.

I agree, too that, becmoing a farmer is very important for EVERYONE (even “city folk”).

Check out Urban Harvest ( http://www.urbanharvest.org/ ) and Last Organic Outpost ( http://www.lastorganicoutpost.com/index.php/en/ ) for really
great and successful efforts at Urban and Community farming.

And yes, the GREEN party is active in Houston. A good friend of mine ran as a Green and won as a councilman a few years back. He did Good Things
but has since moved on to other things.


Dear Charlie:


of course the Greens are all about local, and only run nationwide candidates, if REAL GREENS anyway, to encourage more local meetings. In NC we went from 2 to 20 in 2000, but it’s back to 5 now, form what I am told. Many want me back.

I may leave Korea and come home for good in December. I wrote speeches and coordinated the East Coast for Jerry brown in 1991/2. If there’s a good Dem then I can be on board.



You take the Democratic Party to task for failing to do the several things listed here.

Have you LOOKED at the US House of Representatives? The GOP has been in control there since 2010. You do realize who controls the purse strings? Who has to initiate spending bills? Obama’s first initiative was health care. While I think it could have been better, it was a real scrape to get anything passed. The Democrats had both houses for ONE congressional term, and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate FOR less than 2 MONTHS.

Because the Democrats have not succeeded in these things, you equate the parties. I strongly believe you are in error. You allow the perfect to drive out the good.

I too wish for single payer, better benefits for the unemployed, assistance for the poor and education funding. These were not to be, for the GOP obstructing prevents. What we have in ObamaCare is clearly 2nd best, but it beats HELL out of what the GOP would like, which is to cut every spending for anyone except the very very very rich. Tax law changes you want will NOT HAPPEN until we get a Democratic US House.

If you think the two parties are the same, take a look at the Supreme Koch [sic] appointments. The 5 in the majority are ALL GOP appointments and the 4 in the minority are ALL Democratic appointments. To paraphrase a campaign slogan, “It’s the COURTS, Stupid.” No offense intended, and I hope none will be taken.

That said, please, show me where this administration could have done ANY of the things for which you take them to task.

Off to a Saturday AM dress rehearsal for a concert tomorrow night.

With Warmest Regard
David Teague

Dear David-

But let’s read the fine print. Barack Obama is, in most minds, the most influential Democrat. On many issues
his own part was not voting with him.

That’s OK, that’s politics…But, your argument misses a key point: Neither the environment nor labor have the majority of the Democrat’s ears. I live in the south, and assure you very few Yellow Dog Democrats ever get elected in North Carolina, except form Chapel Hill or Asheville. And Asheville’s local politics is often extremely conservative.

Bible-thumping conservative switched to the Democrat party in the south as soon as Lincoln freed the slaves. Republicans have stormed back recently due to Jesse Helms’ success and the hatred of all things Obama.

If you honestly believe that, with the exceptions of Warren and Sanders and a very few others, maybe Harkin and Franken, that the democrats are not ALSO beholden ot big money, then it is hard for me to make my point. The reality is that it’s not just THIS supreme court, but MANY OTHERS that were picked on ideological grounds. I presume this is why we should vote for Hillary Clinton then? Because maybe some senior court members will pass away or retire.!?!?

Obama never once mentioned bringing back any of the 186 environmental laws Bush 2 scrapped. he also supports the Keystone pipeline and fracking (note the earthquake totals multiplied by 20 in Oklahoma due to fracking).

He never brought up the concept of rescinding Patriot Act One or Two, both of which are extremely unconstitutional, and at Harvard President Obama was…a CONSTITUTIONAL Scholar. At least he should have brought up these issues, but I suspect, as many would, that he is in the pocket of the military economic complex (note the continued support of the Fascist junta in Kiev!, the illegal 2009 Coup in Honduras!! Good God Ronald Reagan had NOTHING on Obama when it comes to continuing the antiquated and imperialist BS known as the Monroe Doctrine.

“Bringing the troops home” became “moving the troops to Pakistan.” Ooooopsy Daisy.

Think Obama can bring back the 35,000,000 + millino jobs shipped ot cheaper labor? No? Neither do I, but then again
most of those job moves were caused by three things: 1) NAFTA, 2) GATT@ and the WTO and 3) TAX BREAKS to corporatoins who move jobs overseas. ALL of those were created by another of your democrats: BILL CLINTON.

He had to make a lot of promises and twist a lot of arms to push NAFTA through. HA, the Republicans never could have done it without him. Add to this the Banking reform Act and Welfare reform act (both of 1995) and you find a “democrat” acting more Republican than a Republican would DARE TO DO.

Hillary Clinton, as Senator from New York, NEVER ONCE voted against a SINGLE THING George Bush 2 wanted.

Maybe the Republicans would be worse than all this but does that excuse the “I’m here for the rich” policies the last two Democrat Presidents imposed. AND, AND< AND! when Obama was elected in 2008, the Democrats controlled the white house, the senate AND THE House. and what came of it? NOTHING, not jack, because the southern Dems blocked Obama at every turn. HA

Fins me a Dem Candidate running on a policy of regaining the environmental laws, rescinding and banning Patriot Acts 1 and 2, ending the spying on Americans by Americans, removing ALL troops form overseas, and putting them to work cleaning up the oceans, for one, and converting, like Germany is trying to do, to Wind and Solar Power and CLOSING nuclear power plants, and THEN I will vote Democrat. Until then, why would I vote for ANYONE who does not support my point of view?
CREATE JOBS: clean up the earth. Just the last one would probably get my vote.

Dear Doug.


Any Democrat will appoint better judges and SCOTUS Justices than ANY Republcian.

That said, I acknowledge every one of your points. I know the history of the Democratic Party in the South. That the Southerners moved to the Democratic Party when Lincoln freed the slaves is truly ancient history and it actually has little meaning for today. Those Democrats moved to the Republican Party and took it over when Johnson signed the voting rights act. They drove the GOP to the positions that the Democrats of the late 19th Century held. The Republicans of today would assassinate Lincoln again for that action, and they would delegitimize and depose Obama merely because he is black.

I have lived in North Carolina 77 years, and have watched while the GOP took the NC legislature, gerrymandered voting districts, passed voting laws that destroyed voting rights here, cut education to the bone, then ground up the bones, and raised taxes on the poor and middle class while cutting taxes on the wealthy and corporations. They made it a felony to reveal the “trade secrets” of the fracking fluid that the companies inject into the ground with the potential to poison water in the water table.

Believe me, I know.

But your discussion ignores my one major point: ANY Democrat, even the relatively conservative Hillary Clinton, will appoint BETTER judges and what is more important, better Supreme Court Justices than ANY Republican. That the Democrats are beholden to rich corporations is not immaterial, but they have not sold their very souls to the moneyed interests.

I am not pleased with Obama, and I am annoyed with the Democratic Party. But I will NOT vote for a Republican. I will fight tooth and nail for every liberal who runs. I will canvas voters in this, the most Republican County in Western North Carolina, Transylvania, I will drive potential voters to obtain voter IDs, to register to vote, and then to the polls for early or election day voting.

I am a “yellow dog” Democrat. I will vote for a yellow dog on the Democratic Party ballot before I would vote for ANY Republican. I will contribute to them too. And I encourage you to do the same.

Do not support 3rd party candidates. That way lies a GOP victory and a disaster from from which the United States will take two or three generations to recover.

Dear David:

Here’s one for you:


As the chair of the Greens from 1998 to 2002 in North Carolina, you can imagine how hard it was to receive
the 202,000 signatures we needed to just get on the ballot in NC in 2000. We had over 100 volunteers and failed.

Democrats were MOST LIKELY not to sign. gee, how democratic of them.

we got 48,000 signatures and joined Oklahoma as the only two states to fail the party.

I worked for Jerry Brown in 1992, and when Sandy Fox, the CHAIR of the Democrats in Pennsylvania was locked out of campaign headquarters in Harrisburg, due to her backing of Brown, and when the Democrats would not give us the forms we needed to even register potential Convention representatives, should Brown win a voting district, or the whole state, I knew personally that the party was rigged.

Is it better than the republicans? Yes sure, agreed.

But the damage done by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama is WAY WORSE than even Citizen’s United, which only codifies what has already been going on in terms of bribery and corruption for centuries.

After NAFTA and GATT 2 sent the jobs to Mexico and further abroad, Clinton SCREWED the economically challenged via the Welfare Reform act of 1995. It was HIS IDEA.

Likewise the Banking reform act of 1995 allowed banks to lend $30.00 for every $1.00 they had on deposit, not the previously allowed limit of $12.00 to $1.00. That lead DIRECTLY to the 2008 meltdown. AGAIN this major BOOOO BOOOO wws Clinton’s joy to sign, no veto.

Obama’s list of egregious errors is massive, but if you think Hillary Clinton is a “middle of the road” type, look at her record as Secretary of State! She’s not relatively conservative. She’s a mess waiting to happen.

My problem is, no candidate that even remotely is interested in saving the environment, bringing back the environmental protection laws, improving the wages and working conditions of what is left of the manual labor force, bringing ALL THE TROOPS HOME, or at least closing half the foreign army bases, EVEN STAND A CHANCE of being nominated.

Partly this is due to the fact that the MEDIA determines who is leading a race based on ONE THING ONLY: Who has raised the most money. Why? Because those folks can then spend the most money advertising IN THE SAME MEDIA.

Hence, the real representation of the REAL needs of the average American are NOT found in 85% of those elected to the house or Senate in EITHER PARTY.

Until the United States citizens, and not just hippies without work, get on the streets and figure out a way to eliminate money form politics, this is not going to end. We have an Oligarchy, straight up, with many laws WRITTEN by corporations in the first place.

Maybe Kucinich and Sanders and Franken and Warren and Hagan and precious few others stand in the way of all this, but mamby pamby I give in Diane Feinstein types don’t interest me anymore. Not Pelosi either. I quit working for and gave up a long-standing friendship with Jerry Brown when he refused to develop a third party. Good for him, He did a great job gentrifying once proud but poor neighborhoods in Oakland, and is actually doing better than that as Governor of California again.

HISTORY: Even Jimmy Carter stunk out loud. I live in Gwangju, where Carter and his liege Ambassador William H. Gleysteen sent in paratroopers not riot police, and hundreds died in what had started as peaceful protests. His record in Indonesia also stunk. He propped up dictators all over the globe. ooopsy Daisy.

If by remaining democrat you believe the USA is better off with Democrats than Republicans, well I can say slightly better off, except when it comes to Foreign Policy, and then the two parties remain very pro military, pro war, pro big business.

We already have enemies throughout the world thanks to Bush 2 and Daddy Bush and Reagan. Now Obama has added Pakistan, and notably is backing the REBEL ILLEGAL JUNTA fascists in Kiev. Eventually that will cause a reaction from Putin.Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. Dumb he is not. If the US economy continues to tank, if the US dollar continues its decline, if the Chinese RMB, now backed by Gold, becomes the unit used to buy oil and later takes over as the world’s reserve currency, the USA is in for VERY HARD TIMES, and only a WHOPPER war could “pull us out” of that. Hence, we might as well tweak the nose of Putin NOW rather than later, right?

And additionally, if the natural gas that flows to Europe via Ukraine is cut off, then the price of natural gas WILL FLY in Europe and around the world, even IF THE USA HAS a 150 year supply. OH Goodie, another fossil fuel President.

The People’s Bank of China is the final mortgage holder on over 22% of American homes. Forget who services the loans, look at the real owner of the debt. We’re already working for China 9 weeks a year to earn enough taxes for our government PAY THE INTEREST on the money we OWE China ALONE.

Why hasn’t Obama been able to show a surplus at least a few years like Clinton did? Because our economy stinks. 0% for how long now? And, like Japan, no noticeable pick up in NET job production.

OBAMA stinks when one examines both domestic and foreign policy realities.

How has he done for education? Uh, MORE religion based charter schools that make fortunes for the already rich.

And for African Americans? Even more in jail now than under Clinton!

And for gun control? HA Sorry, he had the house, senate and his own White House when he first got elected and did not even BRING UP gun control, or the needs of the impoverished, sometimes starving children in THE USA..

Good luck. I’m still worried about the USA, and will be, until campaign contributions are illegal. YUP, Public funding, now!

Thanks for being so engaging,