Sonnet for 2pm Class, Level 4, Fall 2014 (The Big Lebowski)

Sonnet for 2pm Class, Level 4, Fall 2014



Rain pursues reclusive bowlers who run

After harnessing vast hallucinatory tokes,

Delirious, emblematic of layabout fun,

They reek of bohemian smoke.

No theological convert ever heard of Dudism,

Or thieves who urinate with devilish zeal

Like some crummy bizarre Buddhism,

Without the credo to distill what is real.

Mudeung’s vista provides perspective for fair Gwangju.

Mood-altered Walter is fervent about the past.

No strategy guarantees he/she will want you

So “Dude it,” see what comes, or if it will last.

She may be kind, he may be a savage brute.

What we learned is that beauty is not brains.

Someone is always after a large stack of loot

And sometimes art is nothing more than stains.

As you graduate to your jobs, families, food:

Remember God is the cowboy, Jesus is the Dude.