BB #47 SFO- ICN Feb 20/21 2015

Hat Girl takes a peak

Hat Girl takes a peek

BB #47  SFO- ICN Feb 20/21 2015

Self abuse grinds lower, day by day, fierce misconceptions

slip into complete delusion, then you lose all friends

or they lose you, until one day life holds no mystery,

joy, excitement, impetus, love, hope, kindness,

anyone who gives a fuck.  Suddenly it boils down

to whether you can muster a day of art or not,

writing or not, music/silence, naked or not, living or…

By then if you’re still married, living in sin,

gay or a flaming masturbatorialist, it can all

betray you, as if you aren’t ever good enough

for yourself.  Stop what your mother started: stop

comparing yourself, stop self-imposed guilt trips,

trust intuition no matter how crazy they say you

are.  Pretend you’re happy.  Lie to yourself and

others until those lies overtake auto-built

depression.  Take the damned pills they force

down you, then rekindle the positive once you no

longer have to lie to be happy.  Make love with

whomever attracts you if they will have you.  If

still married surprise her with a kiss and a lei.

NOthing like a flower necklace to snap into it.