Love in the time of racist police, FEMA Camps, Mindless PC addictions, Propagandist TV, DEPRESSION

Ever wondered where the love went?…  personally or in your neighborhood or in Washington, D.C.?

The spiritualist movement is on the rise.  Not Hindu, nor Native American, nor Christian, Jewish, Islamic, but a slowly growing movement in which people remember their inner voice, act mindfully and create positive space around them.  This won’t change the world quickly, but it can change our neighborhoods, if people are willing to pull away from their electronic devices and sit and talk about things.  Almost any subject will do unless it causes rifts.

Example:  sure Ralph Nader or Winona LaDuke can run a national platform in the Green Party to try to save the environment,create a peaceful government, rescind regressive tax laws, etc.

But ALL pollution problems are local, so those campaigns are serving the public best if local meetings are able to meet the challenges presented by polluters.  The issue of jobs versus the earth often comes up.  I ask you, all 12 who are reading (hehe) is the planet worth saving for people seven generations from now?  If so, what are we doing to make the planet BETTER than when we arrived here?

The discrepancy between rich and poor was created in the USA mostly since 1980.  WOW,  The discrepancy in China or India or the Philippines or Indonesia or growingly, in Europe, has been exacerbated by globalization.  How?  By shipping jobs to the cheapest places they can find, corporations have increased profits, while lowering productivity.  But productivity concerns can easily be vaulted by having the workers in factories work 15 hour days.

Lowering the value of manual labor appears to be the main focus of globalization as manifested by GATT 2, the WTO and trade deals, none worse or restrictive against local governments than the upcoming Trans Pacific Partnership.;  The TPP, we are assured will bring Americans more and better paying jobs.

I doubt it.  NAFTA, the FTAA (Latin America), KORUS (South Korea) and other free trade deals have each lost American workers jobs in great numbers, by the millions. President Obama has proven himself a manipulative liar when it comes to war, the environment and trade.  Announcing that the TPP would create US jobs was sickening, and worse yet, governments who sign on will be giving up another hunk of their sovereignty to the sanctity of trade.  HA.

By lowering the value of labor, the problem hits home, as, since 2002, between 2000 and 10,500 home foreclosures PER DAY have hit the USA.  Ask those unable to find work due to being foreclosed,or those living in their cars under a bridge in Tampa whether we are in a depression.l; Ask the 30% of Americans who used to be in the middle class and now have to extend credit card debt TO EAT whether we are in a depression.  Ask the media or the president and they will tell about the jobs being created, and fail to mention the jobs we’ve lost.

Love can’t cure all of this, but love and friendship can do a dandy job locally if we can get ourselves and our kids unaddicted to electronica.

Steve Jobs may have been a visionary., but his visions have allowed to the governments of the world to do as they please while we’ve been numbed by one screen or another.

John Prine paraphrase:  Move to the country, eat a lot of peaches, and throw your TV away”

I might add: grow as much of your own food as you can, as we spend 22% of the world’s fuel supply moving food.  Disgraceful.