Southern Anti Racism Network Fundraiser, Friday, July 15th

Some homework reading for Friday:

UntitledWe are all humans .

There is no doubt, even though this poem is 20 years old, the this type of problem

is now a lot worse than back then.


The Fundraiser starts at 6pm on Friday, July 15th as Unexposed Microcinema.  There will be poems and music and readings, and pleas for unity.  The goal is $2900, but the much bigger goal is community building and a change in the way people interact.  Why is Durham still so polarized by race, economic status, religion, when allowing the media to determine who our enemies are should be ignored in favor of finding out who are friends are IN PERSON, not in electronica.

 UNEXPOSED Microcinema

105 Hood Street #5 Durham NC 27701.

This is just around the corner from the intersection of E. Main St. and Fayetteville Street. It’s behind JC’s Kitchen, and down the block from Ponysaurus.

See you soon!


Status Quo


For now the streets are cluttered:

The poor kill off the poor,

But this won’t last forever

If the “Quo” keeps getting worse.


Guns for sale in neighborhoods

Where crime is the only living

Quarts and vials and bullets

Take without ever giving.


“Innocent” bystanders

Are the ones to blame.

Standing by in times like these

Leaves everything the same.


The quo goes “living standards

Will be on the decline.”

While multi-national barons

Continue their money climb.


No chums around a fireplace

When you can’t pay the bills.

While money-man is traveling

In search of bigger thrills.


Sooner rather than later

The poor will raise their arms.

Replacing all the suited men

Regardless of the harm.


The system as we know it’

Is fading thanks to this:

The greedy haven’t realized

Their life ain’t worth a piss.


The ticking clock inside the bomb

Has passed the witching hour.

There is little hope for most,

So when will freedom flower?


It will when people with the time

Turn to lend a hand,

It will when greedy governors

Give back a hunk of land


The quo has made it possible

For us to live like rats.

Your life to them means nothing

You could end up a stat.


As the status quo gets worse

Violence rules the day.

We better help each other now.

Let us pray.