art music poetry #55




When dungeons
re-emerge, not in
Guantanamo, but
F.E.M.A camps, will some players
be able

to conquer the beasts
save crying
princess, beat
concrete gas lines and
train “depots” that lead straight to

hell, not for
passengers, but for
all humanity?
you sir, have the power to
change lives, live

large, due to lucky
combo of
brains, nerve and
What will it be, strawberry-

blonde lover,
or public crusader, beach
lounge, or at
every meeting, all
marches, screaming for

love, kindness,
mercy in the face of such
evil as
no comic has yet
devised. Come join man.

Art Poetry Music #44

Executed at my Gwangju, S. Korea Studio

Executed at my Gwangju, S. Korea Studio

The painting above was executed in my Gwangju, S. Korea studio in 2013.



She will dart you into dust,

she was thrown at me by Joe

Wabe, she has a

Real need for closeness

Yet tires and bores easily.

Salwa, the

love of her life, gets

easily attached to all

new house friends;

she goes it alone,

sometimes appearing late

night in that loose-fitting top,

or bowling.  Lately

serving sexy meals,

Egyptian morsels to fund



into a program that is


changing to the post

Shin era.

Among a growing throng who

have settled

here, so far from home,

but safer: safer

than war torn,

rebellious, terrorists camps,

or millions

of refugees.  Kim

Jung Eun is a joke.