Kim (Barf Bag Poem #19)

(Barf Bag Poem #19)

Kim serves six hundred drinks a day,
sometimes smiles at angles that cause
rainbows to appear, like Surat’s tiny
dots up close, but also a sharp blade
of color, brightening cross country flight.
You ink bottle the moment, but it
may never get back to her, unless, unless,
well no, this rainbow is private.

Still, don’t you wish you could be
in love with everyone? People are
the greatest fun, but, fear not, I will
be alone again tonight my dear.
The ever-expanding set of universes
accommodates all who continually jump.
Two more drinks worth of life, a dash
of grenadine, twist of lime, big smile
and another gesture of warmth. Friends
made, moments cherished. Closeness.



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