Ross and Ferdi


Ross and Ferdi


She stood with twoyear-

Old child, one

Guilder to her name,

so Dad took

her in, watched as she ate raw

buttered radishes.

Being Dutch, she reveled in

child’s play, so

Ross and I did just

that, on bicycles, in the

water, at soccer

putting on

toweling off shows

as we danced

through Bushnell’s Basin to points

far gone.  Twenty five

years later a reunion

near Blackies-

by-the-Sea in warm

Costa Mesa provided

a chance to

know his wife, eat with his Mom,

camp out, while

caddying on the L

PGA tour. I

heard mother

and son moved back to Holland

as his Grand

parents aged.  Orgies

of fun all around.

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