Elections: the Quadrennial Bonus for Propagandists

Elections:  the Quadrennial Bonus for Propagandists

What are we, fucking cowards?  Here in Chapel Hill,

where sophomores are winning “Woman of the Year,”

and Friday peaceniks stand without fear, where the

occupy movement found a journalist given a broken

arm, and non-violent protesters were met with machine

guns, we also find some over-Foxxed nut kill three due

to religion, not, oh not a parking place. Some Isis-style

Rand-McNally has plotted us by now, and whoopee it’s

Spring, Summer, Spring, ,Summer: drought time once

again.  Daisies thrive, we’re all alive, and cowards. How

so?  Because we’ll sit back and vote for Hillary, ignoring

her sick track record as Senator, and, God forbid, Secretary

of State. The “Clarence Thomas switch” is in: they make a

mountain out of her emails, just as Clarence was pointed

out to be a philandering harasser.  This allows the media,

thus us, to paint her as a liberal or progressive, when her

votes, overly militaristic responses and speaking fees scream

otherwise.  The last progressive in the White House was

Richard Nixon, and he got his alright: Chuck Colson, et al

took him down for ending inflation and the Vietnam War.