Wage Slave = Slave

The horrors of slavery have been around seemingly forever.

But are the wage slaves of Mexico,Central and South America

and through most of Asia much better off than the historical

slaves we think of as being depicted in “12 Years a Slave”?

Well, for all the horrors of being a hard-working farmer

who can barely feed his family, now the Chinese farmers who were lured into

what seemed like big money,20 years ago and more,are now finding themselves in debt

as they did not have any idea what it cost to live in a city.

The wage slave must pay taxes,sometimes even on food. The wage slave takes a bus

to work,or walks or rides a bike. And wage slaves we could become right here yet.

The value of labor has been lowered via GATT 2 and many other free trade agreements.

Tax Laws,junk like Citizens United, and other insanely biased-toward-the-rich policies have allowed many corporations to get a tax free ride,or get government sponsorship of things like oil exploration, as if Exxon was going to quit looking for oil!

The 2016 election will be more of the same. A so-called lefty, though Hillary is not  by a long shot anti-war nor pro environment, but good on education, I guess.

I hope the USA hasn’t turned into pockets of race riots by then, but maybe the idiots who run this joint will

sand up and notice that things suck in the middle of neighborhoods where not a lot goes on in the positive realm. Now is the time to keep it positive, but if it can’t be done, the worst may be yet to come.

Whatever happened to those FEMA holding camps/jails?



A full-service contrarian, Hillary Clinton would be an awful President too, politics, essay, campaign 2016

Good God, H. Clinton never once voted against a single thing Bush wanted.  As Secretary of State she continued the work her husband had started as a member of the tri-lateral commission:  taking over the world.  Heck he was only governor of Arkansas then.  He went on to a whole lot of troublesome activity, but yours alone was scary,even back in the day, no less recently.  The Republicans have only started with your private server and email.

Watch as the “liberal” media lines up against you my friend.

But your philosophy is not not not cookie baking mom,but co-conspirator in such bad policies as NAFTA,m GATT and GATT 2, selling American labor down the road for bigger profits to the top.

You taught Obama how to hoodwink the public with your own health care plan that was so complicated it was a cinch to get voted down.  Obama trumped that by saying Obama Care is better for everyone, when clearly it’s not.  Barack, sir, was your GOAL to just get more people signed up to spread out the liabilities more?  And what of those who still can’t afford health insurance?  Geesh.  What sacrifices will families have to make to afford health insurance? Heating? Eating?

You won’t stop any wars either, just as Obama hasn’t.

How about more money for the homeless war veterans in nearly every city? How about bringing back vocational schools?

How about less people in jail?

How about racist cops, whatcha gonna do?

Hillary, nope not you either.

Hmmm a rare rambling.

Who do you want to see win and why?  Is Mickey Mouse, again the best choice?