This is what Ukrainians did in Volyn, Poland in 1943. This is the type of people Obama is supporting now. You do the math.

US Fascism began in 1980 in earnest, and has not abated since.  Wake up folks.  92 countries attacked since World War II, and for what?  Profit, that’s for what.

Here’s what the Ukrainians who were supporting the Stepan Bandera Fascist government are capable of.  Not all Ukrainians supported that government.  But the new 2014  “government” smells a lot alike.  This type of thing was repeated in Odessa May 2, 2014 with support of the USA.

And here is how one of the Kiev  Junta leadership Yatsenuk was “greeted” in Germany.  Yet the USA insists on backing these brutal thugs.  If ethnic cleansing of Russians continues in Eastern Ukraine, Putin may react.  If he reacts, what has amounted to a creeping World War Three may break out in earnest.  Oh NOOOOOOOOOO!

ВИДЕО Жители Германии встретили Яценюка криками «Террорист и убийца»

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Americans just don’t quite understand the level of brutality of the people President Obama is backing these days.  Add the Ukraine thugs to being on the WRONG side in Syria, and expanding Bush’s war into Pakistan, increasing Drone air strikes by thousands of percents, and you have a man who was lying to us when he said he was going to bring the troops home.
Should Putin react to the wholesale ethnic cleansing of Russians in Odessa, Crimea, etc. in eastern Ukraine, then Obama has committed to backing the rebelious Junta that stole power in Kiev.
Of course Russian Natural Gas MUST FLOW THROUGH western Ukraine in order to reach Europe, which gets 40% of its natural gas from Russia.  Should any disruption in this flow occur, Russia is poorer (hence in a fighting mood) and Europe is well nigh obliterated by super hi natural gas prices.  The USA which is clearly overstocked with natural gas will also see prices fly sky high.  And, Like in Iraq, JP Morgan and others will jack the price of natural gas on the NY Merchantile exchange for their own profits, while melting down what remains of the USA middle class via escalating fuel and heating costs.  Note the USA doe NOT count oil and other feuls along with FOOD prices in their tally of the annual inflation rate.  Now how absurd is that?  How many Americans get by with no car and no heat?

Anyone who thinks that Kiev burning DURING the Sochi Winter Olympics was a mere coincidence doesn’t follow the CIA very well,  Nor Nato Secret Services.  Plenty of evidence suggests outside players are continuing the bloodshed in Kiev, while genuine bloodthirsty Ukrainians (not all Ukrainians are nuts, let’s separate the sinners from the innocent here) are maurading, and murdering in Odessa, Crimea, and other parts of eastern Ukraine that are Russian enclaves.  It’s Genocide in slow motion just as Slobo Milosovic’s attacks on Muslims were meant to be complete.  But in many ways he was also goaded and forced to react in a war that was ALSO cooked up by western spies.  The evidence for this is overwhelming.  30,000+ died in NATO and USA air strikes in Belgrade, and how many of those were “enemy combatants?”  We also coated bombs with uranium and bombed Serbia’s once-rich agricultural lands so that food from that region is no longer acceptable, and uh, Serbia had once fed all of Yugoslavia, and beyond.

OK the Slavic world has had a lot of things brewing for centuries, this is true, but with the natural gas pipeline in play, and the USA clearly backing the Junta (Remember when Bush and Condy Rize also Backed Pervez Musharraf, AFTER HE LOST A DEMOCRATIC ELECTION to Asif Ali Zardari  the replacement for Benazir Bhutto who was assassinated in a bombing on 27 December 2007.  Even though Musharraf could not beat a last-minute replacement, He seized power and Bush and Rice BACKED HIM.  Wow how undemocratic can you get?   Muneer Malick, of the Supreme Court Legal society in Pakistan used to stand on top of buildings with a Nullhorn shouting down Musharraf, until he was poisoned.  At that he still sent out YOUTUBE videos while deathly ill.  He survived.  Long may you live, friend.

Well let’s See, how about selecting known Drug lord Hamid Karzai as president of Afghanistan?  Parliamentarian Malali Joya stood repeatedly to read charges against Karzai until she was thrown out of Parliament illegally and had at least 5 assassination attempts on her life.  Karzai is such a puppet he recently did this:

NEW DELHI: Even as India has stopped short of blaming any Pakistan-based terrorist group for the attack on its consulate in Heart last Friday, Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai has blamed the Lashkar-e-Taiba for the strike that was foiled by Afghan security forces and Indian paramilitary forces. Karzai, who met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi on Tuesday, claimed that the Afghanistan government had received information from a Western intelligence agency that the attackers belonged to the LeT.

Remember, Obama pledged to bring the troops home before the 2008 election?  HA, all they did was move over to Pakistan, where, Ostensibly, the last part of the Afghan oil pipeline must run to circumvent Iran and deliver to tankers in the Indian Ocean.  WAKE UP FOLKS!

All in favor of fracking and the Keystone Pipeline please take a bus home and sell your car(s).