Into the Light

There is this part that hides away.  The hikikimori in us, the over-booked stressed out adolescent male who, in Japan, hides away from society, and then may never come out again into the light.

When we lose a friend, or one moves away, or we become adult hikikimories (is that right for plural?) we stain ourselves and our need to be social and have the real chance of becoming weird or influenced by our own strange thinking.  The deal is that friends keep us in bounds.  They sting us with sarcasm when our thinking is out of line, they inspire us to keep doing what we did as kids, and then some, regardless of the pain.  Friends keep us alive and wanting more.

It’s simple:  when the turtle-ing instinct kicks in, kick it back by calling a friend.  or texting.  or emailing. or using Line, Kakao, Skype, your own blog or another of the myriad options for being public, or at least in touch with those who provide the necessary boundaries for a life of achievement.

Be Happy friends. Its an amazing cure-all.

And now this musical interlude: