Kyle, you man

among men,

your musical taste

changed with the L.A. scene, sun

setting on strip clubs,

but your guitars soar,

the best at what you

do is collaborate with

lyricists, punch up

would-be dull tunes with

rhythm and

lead riffs.  You

break into some of

the most unexpected lines

since Zappa, so don’t do

in music what you’ve

done in love. Find the

driving beat that sets you free.

Free to explore your

gift, free to achieve

what some god

of music must have wanted:


notes many will not

ever forget.  Push

your own ass,

or I will come there, wallet

in hand, to

ensure your best shot

is taken.  Gadflies?

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KAP December 14, 2013 Copyright Doug Stuber 2013


We met in a shack dressed up
as a trailer in
Mebane, which did not
assure success as a band
or friends, yet

we’ve golfed at Torrey
Pines and puffed
up on Rosemont: one
more shot at
music careers.

But who says selling a guitar
to Sam L. Jackson
isn’t a career?
Don’t kill the Academy,
open your

own. Type A would teach
rock rhythm
guitar, the money
school would teach
Koreans English.

With up to
One hundred per class, knowing
most will be
working, unable
to attend, seeking

their dream date
or American life at
jobs outside
their visa’s bounds. Three
Gadflies rock for life.