Nikolay and Marina (Bulgarika 4)


Nikolay and Marina

(Bulgarika 4)


Here in their

new house, the one with

old fruit trees, rabbits,

grape vines and

an apartment for

his parents, a dog,

a cat, two

studios and wood,


antiques from Holland, the whole

artist group

invades for “Kvas,” the

Russian bread juice they

line up for

in Moscow.  This one

is a touch sweeter

so Hyuntay

and Kwang Suk drink it.

Cheese soufflé

wine, Bulgarian pizza,

fresh fruit and

crepes round out the authentic

local lunch,

as cameras flash,

Marina laughs, and

proudly shows

us Darina, seventeen,

a model,

bodacious, and just

as pretty as Mom.

7 August 2012

Varna, Bulgaria

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The Dinner Party End Notes

END NOTES (Dinner Party) Stuber

End note #1: [Running Bear] We could
Develop a world-wide economic collapse
And follow-up with a bank that keeps
All non-perishable goods safe. A bank
That pays little interest to anything but
A community barter system. That would
Be it: “The Barter Bank.” A place where
People register their goods, services & money to

Trade with other members. The tax consequences
Of trading might be the only drawback.•
Socialism: the government gives you your job.
Capitalism: the government gives private persons the
Freedom to create corporations that give you your job.
One is slavery, the other is sanctioned slavery.
If you don’t think the U.S. is more socialistic
Than the USSR, you better investigate closer. Everything

In Moscow is garnered via friendships. How many friends
Of yours are trying to save you money? The only real money
In Moscow is foreign money; the only way to get it is
To be a capitalist. Without the capitalist tradition,
They know more about how to capitalize on any situation than
All but the fiercest Americans have forgotten. A bad joke?
Think again. Just how many jobs aren’t dependent at all
On government contracts? The c.i.a. develops the threat,

The pentagon develops the idea for a new armament to counter
The threat, the congress gives the tax-money to the pentagon
So they can hire one of the same 20 companies they’ve always
Hired to build the armament. The MX missile is built in
26 different states. Why? So that there is a firm voting
Block in favor of military spending everywhere. A bad Joke?
Think again. The so-called liberal press (especially t.v.)
Is forced to tow the line or lose ads from the big boys

Stuber E.2

Who have dominated your brain waves to the extent that
You don’t even care whether you vote or not. Hitler would
Have loved it. Goebbels never had t.v., or the world
Might be speaking German instead of English now.
The next ground war will see people driving away.
That’s why we pick on tribes that still don’t have cars. If
Pollution isn’t our number one problem, then population

Certainly is. But mowing them down (that time-honored
Tradition practiced better in North America than anywhere
Else in the world) should not be the answer. The planet
Could last forever in the simple native lifestyle, but
Your car and mine have pushed us past the too-late point.
: [Martin] Enjoy warm winters, there aren’t many left.• A bad joke?
There is no way you know how lucky you have it unless
You’ve visited earth for yourself. Our press has been

So manipulated, that questioning our government gets
Editors fired from Reading, P.A. to the big L.A. While
You, neighbors of mine, applaud!? Get me out of here.
Although the lyricism has given way to essays, please
Smile when noting that the rest of the dinner party has
disappeared in favor of this monologue by Running Bear.
Those brilliant people you let do your thinking for you have
Made it so hard on teachers, that teaching burns out the smart,

Rarely attracts the brilliant, and leaves thousands of
Kids wondering “why not sell drugs, at least there’s money
In it.” Sorry prof, but most would-be thinkers have already been
Suckered into a dash for the cash. Now the same Marxists
Who get shunned as liberals have caused the biggest ruination
Of the right to free speech by insisting everyone be politically correct.
Conservatives howl in laughter because it’s already against
The law to meet peacefully. (They turned on their own

Stuber E.3

Anti-abortionists then took the right to assemble away
From everyone.) Soon it will be against the law to make
A joke. Next, political cartoons will be outlawed. (Note
Doonesbury being either pushed to the Op-Ed pages, or wiped
Out completely, especially in fun-loving towns like Naples
Florida.) We need to vote. We need a third party. If
You don’t believe it, look at Cuba. 46% of Cuba’s economy
Is based on military. (40% of ours is, when you count military

Paychecks being spent on consumer goods.) Cuba also has
Over 50% of its people in the army or police. Why?
Because they’re hired to do so by Russia (or were).
Don’t you think we’re being hired by the Japanese and Germans?
You remember, the guys we lost so many men to in
World War ll.? They own us now. Our bleeding government
Has to borrow $1 Billion-a-day to stay in business. Really,
The number must be much higher by now, but, by

Having the foreigners lend us the cash, the foreigners expect
Something in return. War. Oil. Protection. Maybe we’re
Blackmailing them! Maybe they will be forced to keep
Our economy alive or they will have no place to sell their goods.
So, the Asians own all the good businesses, and editors say
It’s great because without their investments we wouldn’t have jobs.
Why war over Hawaii, they can have it in court. Our
Korean friends have a stake in L.A.’s commercial space, our

Beef growers were never allowed to sell meat in Japan, then
Many Japanese investors bought cattle ranches they needed here,
Now we can export beef to Japan. Guess who they buy from?
They just negotiated: 100 cars worth of our rice will go to Japan;
In trade, they get whatever they want. If everything that’s free or
Fun is taxed or illegal, please bar foreign ownership of treasury issues.
Are you buying cars from Mitsubishi? They built the planes that killed
Us in World War ll. If Ronnie wasn’t owned by the Japanese,

Stuber E.4

Why did they pay him $2 million to go over there for a couple weeks
Right after he got out of office? It is now politically incorrect
To fight for the sanctity of our country, while this very
Country gobbles up the natural and human resources of the
Poor without bounds. We deserve to get gobbled up, but are
You ready for the work-week that has Japanese dying at age 38?
This is why natives everywhere probably pull for less outside
Infiltration. Laissez Faire has been replaced by commodities

Trading pits and controlled inflation. The unbalanced concentration
Of resources means the rich will devour the earth, the
Poor will inherit very little, and the wonders of life go
Frittering by the working schleps who allow great profit and
Greed for the manufacturing princes. Sure everyone would
Have to do with less, but there would be something left for the
Next generation. The problem rekindled itself when we
Elected people who hated their children. Greed kills.

End Note Number 2

The author has taken every pain to present an interesting story without interrupting the flow of tribal oral history or treading on too many interesting tribal legends. A great deal of research has gone into the story, but most of it is being ignored in order to preserve the traditions for the tribes to tell on their own. If readers are interested in the legends, others have done a wonderful job of stealing them for your benefit. This is merely a story, written from the feelings that hit you when you delve into this area of upstate New York. The accuracy of feelings is what you make of it.

Stuber E.5

End Note Number Three p.3.4

Life is short.
Ignore conventions.
Do everything you can
To help your fellow man.

Endnote Number Four p. 4.9

A condolence cane was used to help mourners through their grief. it was also used as a way of remembering the fifty tribal chiefdoms that formed the original Haudenosaunee league. Chief Thomas still had one from the 1800s in 1991.

Endnote Number Five 5.17


1) Power rules, 2) the theory that the bullies have the right to take advantage of the less-strong, simply because they are the bullies, 3) any government designed by the rich in order to take advantage of the poor. That includes making sure there always is an underclass willing to work for wages that don’t even provide a living. Setting up enterprise zones that give the employer 50% off wages the first year, 40% off the next year, etc. This pretty much ensures that the people hired at a net cost of half the minimum wage won’t last five years (that’s when the employer would have to pay the whole minimum wage for Christ’s sake!) as an employee. It also ensures that the maximum wage for the area surrounding the enterprise zones will be the minimum wage. Why would someone pay more, when they can get employees for half the minimum wage? Sure, this way we get to “keep up” with Mexico. And it

Stuber E.6

also ensures a lifestyle just as poor for the people working in those conditions. In Rochester, where even a two-wage household can be stuck deciding whether to heat or eat in the winter, this enterprise stuff would be particularly pernicious. It will be great for the entrepreneurs who won’t have to move their plants to Mexico (there are no good golf courses down there, what would they do with their free time?)



  • Before You Speak

    Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates. At the first gate, ask yourself, ‘Is it true?’ At the second ask, ‘Is it necessary?’ At the third gate ask ‘Is it kind? Rumi  Translated by Coleman Barks



“The Dinner Party,” a novella in 11 chapters plus endnotes, copyright, Doug Stuber, 1992.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given, and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.