The Springs

The Springs

Let’s go down to the springs,
We can watch the dogwoods grow.
Let’s go down and watch things,
Get up right now, let’s go!

The water will be running,
We certainly won’t miss that.
Today you do look stunning,
Let’s go down and chat.

There’s something I want to tell you
There’s something I want to say:
Now we’re a nation of two
Starting this very day.

So, let’s go down to the springs
We can watch the dogwood grow.
We’ll hear the bird that sings:
There’s one thing that I know.

When we go down to the springs
We’ll see if two can be one.
We’ll avoid the things that sting
And catch a little sun.

The thing that I have found
Is a love for only you.
My heart will always pound
When I enter our nation of two.


Written in 1973 at age 15.


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