New Dawn Barf Bag Poem #18

New Dawn
Barf Bag Poem #18

Have you ever seen a lifetime in her eyes?
I mean her whole story in the way she moves
even if you don’t know her name or number?
When blinding blue fades to yellow, orange, red
Are you ready to go on the town or climbing into bed?
Are you ready for the dawning of a day
when love prevails and nature rules,
or are you mired in the mud of ruts
another cog, another slave, another tool?
If the days of wonder passed you by
get off the line, get on the land, get back
to where your ancestors bled, and cry.
Cry, just this day, for those who never get
a chance to see dreams come all the way true.
Cry for those, who on your worst day, are just like you.
Then wipe your cheek and get on with it.
Make space for kids to thrive. Map a place
made of arable land, then reacquaint yourself
with those who need a hand. Together you
can eke out a life away from all the greed.

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