Stop the Murdering Cops, Written 2019

(most police officers are good, and brave)

Stop the Murdering Cops

Even video that proves the racist police attacks

Fails to convict the Klansmen on the force.

Rodney’s LA beat-to-death set the tone two ways:

Cops are allowed to beat or shoot anyone who’s black,

And they get out of even having a trial, of course.

Long before, Oakland, Pittsburgh, Rochester displayed

Shoot outs, OK Corral. Mayor Goode in Philly, awfully bad,

Fire bombed from choppers, entire neighborhoods.

Eleven unarmed black men killed in Durham, 2017.

Fascist white supremacist “emergencies:” results, so sad.

Children snap-adopted , brainwashed like Indian schools could,

Using Christianity to whiten, become adults, hardened, cleaned.

Freddy, Baltimore a mess, Latasha Harlins shot by Soon Ja Du.

She had money in one hand, orange juice the other.

But for this at least Soon was convicted, unlike evil cops.

Let’s look at just the first 90 days of massacre stew

In 2019. Nina Adams, Luke Swan, imagine their mothers.

Thirteen cities sport more killings by the cops

Than the number of murders on their beat.

Blacks three times more likely to be shot.

Sixty nine percent of the dead were unarmed.

St. Louis the lead killing field, no way to duck the heat.

Chicago law enforcers shoot first, question not.

Some are seen walking away unarmed, sixty of eighty farmed.

If that doesn’t turn your stomach, imagine this:

We’ve elected an unimpeachable white supremacist.

As if Clinton’s job-export/welfare reform wasn’t conservative bats,

The hood saw foreclosures explode their existences,

Incarcerations doubled, mostly black lives failed to persist.

This is how minorities are treated by democrats.

We’ve elected a Mueller-protected severely prolapsed ass.

Imagine coming home from work, fearing her own neighborhood.

“The Talk” has changed from birds and bees, to dealing with police.

We all want a best life for our kids, top of their class.

Durham cops killed eleven, they’re legal terrorist hoods.

Who will rein in these agents of misery?

Asheville 2000

Asheville 2000

Some men they walk on Montford
Some women walk on clay
Some come here seeking comfort
Some come to laugh and play.

No one gets through without working
But you can drop really far
Some people come to fight it
For rent they sell their car.

There end up a crop of crack whores
And a slew of hippies too.
None of them mow their lawns now
None of them own shampoo.

They have their freckled babies
They work at the whole-earth store
They publish alternative weeklies
They preach to the same crowd, bored.

Then the police department
With nothing better to do
Comes out to bust heads open
Asheville’s darkest blue.

The rift here goes back a long way
The loggers and the Vanderbilts
Those with the money on one side
And those with the stills and quilts.

So here come a bunch of craftsmen
And a load of ne’er do wells
Some find a form of heaven
Some find a brand new hell.

The coal fired plant over yonder
It spews a terrible stench
And then when the cars come visit
Bele Chere is an ugly mess.

So drink up ye merrie masons
Drink ’til your livers rot
Marvel at the Deco buildings
Visit Tom Dula’s plot.

Richie sings of a new beginning
This better be more than a trend
You started a new idea
Now see it through to the end.

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