2013 Mathematics, a short one

Rice is the only food South Korea grows enough of to survive, yes race fans, 67% of the food South Korea eats is imported…hence if the globalization thingy dingy goes Whacko this is NO PLACE TO BE. Why? because 70% of Korea’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product ) is based on EXPORTS. This peninsula is the highest ranked economy to be so dependent on exports for money and imports for food. Like nowhere else comes close. Aye Chihuaua. Further exacerbating the problem for recent and currently graduating Bachelor’s degree holders: The Chaebol companies make 60% of the GDP but only hire 5% of the Koreans, meaning those lucky enough to work at Chaebols, ESPECIALLY at the top, (the same families that helped the Japanese mind you) are hogging 12 times more than they should, or better put, the top 5% are hogging MILLIONS of times more than they should. Remind you of the U.S.? It ought to. Lastly, Stuber said in 1984: “The battle is not between capitalism and communism, but capitalism and democracy.” OH HO HO, look at the foul mess the lack of REAL choice has landed the U.S. in since WWII: 88 military interventions AND COUNTING..Do Drones count Obama? If your dead from a bomb going through your roof in Libya, Pakistan, Syria, etc. they do!