Art Plug and hello again

Hello to the dozens or so who may have missed adding my blog to their regular reading role the last few days.

For one, I was busy making book covers.  here they are!

Woman catches 300 pound jumping tuna

Woman catches 300 pound jumping tuna

The reason this one got named is that a very attractive woman from Savannah GA, or close to it, had just caught a 300 pound tuna when she wandered into a salad shop (SALADELIA, Durham, NC) and simply “had” to buy this painting.  That was about a decade ago.

It originally hung with the left side as the top, but a keep eye spotted more narrative in this format, and so a painting was born, via re-hanging in another direction.

Isn’t that a great story?  it’s another example of how extreme synchronicity works its magic in our lives.  but it only works to your advantage if you are open to change, and spontaneous.

Now, how’s that for a story?

Note the chops on Stewart Copeland’s drumming.  Short blasts of fills that amaze and dazzle.


What's for Lunch, lunch or coffee?

What’s for Lunch, lunch or coffee?


Ruth walks in


with universal ebb flow

but not herself, a

self-made trick.

Self-inflicted, but

not of her

doing, not embraced,

fought against, dealt with, screamed at,


Still, she sings,

this is the one sure

peace time, when all is right, when

everything works as

one, as Ruth.

Child-rearing is its

own reward,

but everything else

too, so, as soon as she could,

Ruth blossomed.

This box brought

us back together, for what?


recognition, or

a draw to move on?

In life you

do or don’t follow your heart.

Is once-a-

month coffee enough?

Yes it is, you fool.

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