One more walk, rain, walk
But this time the sprinklers that
Never stop watering sidewalks
Stop. Eight hundred fifty seven
Trips by these sprinklers, which
Water the sidewalks at a school
That, moneyless, blows $85 M
Per annum on Public Relations and
Administration, finally yields a view
Of recalcitrance: black tubes
Back into the earth in the middle
Of a rain. It doesn’t stop blonde
Hair from being tossed back, or
Bikes from hitting pedestrians, or
Green sports coats, yellow ties from
Entering business classes. But the hope
That one day someone will shut
Off the lights at the pool glimmers
In the minds of the living.

Water II

No Bananafishing today J.D.
Just another scrap of laughter
In the middle of one hundred
Days-in-a-row of living death.
Almost no one is right anymore.
Money is the orgasm, orgasms
Are inhibited by AIDS, AIDS
Keeps the population down un-
Naturally, so why go to war?
War feeds the rich, the rich feed
Themselves. Hockey players buy
Raytheon, Raytheon builds Patriots,
Patriots kill when ordered to
But feel bad when they realize
A hundred thousand “men-in-sheets”
Running away have been shot down.
Bush buries a dog that died
From drinking water that never
Became a priority on Capitol Hill.

Water III

Blue is no longer good enough
To squelch the ugly feelings
That persist through fog’s insistence
In the pastoral green suburbs of
Alachua County Florida. Services
To farmers will now be discontinued
As the city merges outward to
Expand its fading tax base. The
Poor, if they are downtown, will
Not get better schooling because
The real problem, of course, is law
And order. The recent (1990)
Attempts to form gestapos have
Only been denied by the narrowest
Of margins. Barbara, your husband
Is a fascist. So please don’t drink
The water, unless it’s jugged in
Plastic which keeps the Exxon
Floating down a waterway near you.

Water IV

Execution replaces caring in
Societies gone mad, where the
Idea of rehabilitation threatens to
Take away the jobs of racist police
Pretenders who offer few excuses
For their deeds, so often brutal.
But if L.A. and Mammy think the
Problem is lack of order, wait ’til
They find themselves without drinking
Water. The business of water is
Clearly Canadian, a group that owns
The rights to sell, in moderation,
Water from the north. For now its
Fancy Cola, but soon this rare
Commodity will falsify A. Smith.
Chicago will have it listed on the
B.O.E., and drinkers everywhere
Will be beholden, as farmers
Are today, to the trading pits.

Water V

The light gray elm remaining
Is dark, it rains today.
Smug tie-dyed pseudo-philosophers
Prance in the warmth of winter,
Believing nature’s last gasp a fun
Time. Explain why cars get less
Than 100 MPG. Explain why trains
Have been usurped by trucks and
Japanese MPVs. Listen to yourself
Justify the oil glut and go off
To die for someone else’s greed,
As the shinning path demolishes
One more village while quick
Decisions earn millions in less
Than pristine Salomon accounts.
How do you like the fact that
Everything’s a lie? “The battle is not
Between Democracy and Communism,
But Democracy and Capitalism.”

Water VI

Here, at the school where once
Every six years the sprinklers go
Off, you can get suspended for
Practicing the right to free speech:
Expelled for persisting to do so.
The idea that a university would
Founder free-thinking is too much
Under the mercury umbrella of
Late-century conservatism. If
Water makes it to 2050 then
Jump for joy and laugh at the
Whining contained herein. But
Don’t expect all-correcting nature
To save it for you. The idea of
Bringing children into this is repulsive.
Save your relationships some other way!
When water prices fluctuate at the
Whim of investors, you’ll see how
Dear the price of living can get.


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