A pair or Norwegians in Singapore

A pair or Norwegians in  Singapore



You dropped young Jule

into unknown Roosevelt

apartment, took off with Lee

to scope the Rochester gay

scene, or dance, or to…

She woke up

and cried, fell back to

sleep, woke up an cried, so I

hugged her and in my

mind I cried.

Back then I thought you

could replace the giant hole

in my heart; then two others

tried, but I cannot be changed

so they tired, as you

saw again

in beloved Hamburg;

even Brahms neighborhood

could not smooth over

the fact that

you were with

the new right man, and I had

stayed past the

expiration date

of the plastic key

in the nice

inexpensive place you found

You knew,

better than I, how time

flies, makes bad moves worse.

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