Good Luck with Trump

I’m part of a growing movement that would make a public lie (tv, social media, youtube, newspaper, minister, politician) punishable by 100 hours of community service. A big problem is that the USA is so divided many can’t and won’t agree on what the truth is. For instance, in your opinion has Donald Trump ever knowingly lied? Mitch McConnell? My side would have thousands of separate examples for each. But your side might have none. That’s why public lying (which is not protected by the first amendment as in: screaming “fire” in a crowded theater when you know there is none) has to go to court so the DA or State side would have to prove it’s a lie.

I’m sure Fauci was the one who told Trump to ignore Europe, thus making the spread of Covid much worse as Americans from all over the country travel to Europe, where very few other than ethnic Chinese fly back and forth to China comparatively. Both Fauci and Trump were lying when Trump said “we only have 15 cases it will go away soon.” Fauci needed him to say that to assure the quick and deadly spread. Likewise when assuredly Fauci told Trump to pull the mask stunt, and never wear one, Fauci himself said we didn’t need to wear masks, and switched his tune once the Trump followers were hooked. That gave him more time in Trump’s hand-picked Covid team, which gave Gates just what he wanted. Now, with many vaccines gobbled up and Indonesia, the Philippines and India less than 1% vaccinated the death toll in those countries could be 59 million, 49 million and 500 million respectively. That’s a Gates wet dream. None of Africa is over 3% vaccinated so the death toll there should be huge, and, because Fauci had Trump tell his followers not to get vaccinated, the 35% of the US that will remain unvaccinated will assure that the virus is here forever. That’s right, forever. We needed to get to 95% vaccinated long before now to have any lasting effect. These lies spread by the Gates/Fauci/Trump team and their associates have not only killed many more Americans than had to die, it wouldn’t have been possible if just Gates (who wisely stays quiet about it) and Fauci had lied about Covid on their own. Fauci was a double agent and had to appear to be in favor of halting it because that’s his job. Do the strenuous efforts of Trump to lie about all this bother you?

Fauci has been in Gates’ health board for over 20 years, thus he is a double agent. When the President the United States tells people to not wear masks, not get vaccinated, don’t worry about getting tested, he flouts science, and the reality on the ground, assures that 30-40% will never be vaccinated, and Covid will be here forever. This type of lying has damaged our country forever. If the fascist wave, which began in 1980 under Reagan and was at its worst under Bill Clinton, continues one more step, that step will be when Trump gets re-elected in 2024. Nostradamus was correct about his predictions stretching 350 years into the future, 85% of the time. He marked 2025 as the beginning of the wars the end human life in earth. The end? 2035. I studied his prayers and writings a lot because he is a character in my first novel. Trump would be the perfect ambassador for the apocalypse because he already never did a thing about white cops killing unarmed blacks, nor a thing about the environment, nor a thing about poverty, and no truthful words at all about our economy, only the stock market. Like his fellow capitalists, as long as there is a profit to be made it’s good (regardless of environmental impact) and if it costs anything it’s bad because he has to keep cutting taxes for the rich (himself?). Go ahead and stick with Trump. The first thing to fall in 2024 will be democracy in the USA. After that, the sky’s the limit for all the horrors that could spring up

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