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My family lived in the Haudenosaunee “Chosen Place” in the summer. It is called Canandaigua. In that place many tales from the past continued. The tale of the Great White Snake, the Tales of Handsome Lake, the spiritual leader who preached a way for Natives and Europeans to get along, and some of the rules that were sacred to the Native Americans the French labeled Iroquois.

One rule was that all major decisions were “tossed across the fire” until everyone agreed that the right decision was made. It meant that a 12-year-old, lacrosse-playing novice could be the lone hold out about a major decision, and until his mind was swayed, the decision was on hold. This type of consensus may be impossible in today’s “democracy” but what’s going on in democracy in the USA is a long way from the Federalist Papers idea of democracy.

The US System of government…

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