Multi-national corporate power

Welcome to a rant about the many loopholes that lead to tax advantages for corporations that earn money in the USA, claim the money was earned elsewhere and then never repatriate the money. This means they never have to pay taxes on their profits. Meanwhile rich folks have had their taxes cut three times and in big chunks while we run up budget deficits and a national debt that is approaching $20,000,000,000,000. !

Massive military budgets and new wars add to this problem while making the same 16 defense contractors rich over and over again.
Meanwhile cuts to food stamps, meals on wheels, education and social ssecurity are the type if austerity measures literally starving our poor.

Some states have found themselves in budget crises of their own. It is at this level that education is being privatized via charter schools that are themselves often dysfunctional and almost ALWAYS with right wing conservative bullshit religious mumbo jumbo classes that fly in the face of what Jesus said, like “Do Unto Others, ”  but works well to robotize our kids toward careers as factory workers or managers. This is assured by standardized testing rigged toward rich children who attend private schools thus creating a massive private school industry such as we see in South Korea.

The entire system, our entire lives, are at the mercy of those who clawed their way to the top (who knows how). Some say the feudal lords were better to their serfs than the pittance the wage slaves are paid today. Others say this will mean the end of capitalism, but how? The owners of the means of production also control the governments and the armies. Juntas do not often work and when they do, lawlessness often results.

The solution is small and medium size farms to grow our own food in order to stop feeding this huge, ugly machine. But most land is full of gmos now AND owned by large Shri- business.

If you know a path on which we can take Billy Bragg’s “Great Leap Forward” please comment with it.  Thanks, Doug

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