The Dinner Party Chapter 11

Dinner Party Chapter 11 – Stuber

Catherine the Great was now not the only suspect in the killing of Running Bear. The investigation was centered on a proud old Mohawk named Crow. Crow has never hidden his ancestors hatred of the Onodowaga. He often held up decisions by refusing to ally his beliefs with the wishes of the nation if the Onondowagas had thought of them first.
The elders did not know that Crow was really a spy for the Hurons. The Hurons were a devilishly smart band from north and west of Lake Ontario. They had run into Mohawk and Onodowaga for many Centuries before the Peacemaker visited. While the Peacemaker made friends naturally, Crow had to swallow pride to befriend the people who his followers still hated. So clever were the Hurons, that they not only had a respected elder of the Haudenosaunee in their pocket as a spy, but they also posed him as a rebel reactionary who still held on to the Mohawk /Onodowaga feuds. This way he could release his hatred, thereby making his cover that much more realistic.
Apparently Catherine was able to detect the type of warrior she was used to in Crow. The accusers were wrapping the murder of Running Bear in the cloak of high intrigue by floating their conspiracy theory over the fire as our wandering eye swooped down from the clouds on a late August night to catch and report their abrupt conversation:

Big Deer: You know that Crow has always hated the Onodowaga. It is easy for me to believe that Catherine could convince him to murder Running Bear.
Flying Owl: Easy to believe, but neither Bobbing Tail nor her clan want the wrong man accused. Your theory is not proven, and would lead us to give up other possible killers.
Big Deer: We need to send word to our spies to watch Catherine and Crow as they head east. Crow is hot-headed. He will brag, or falter and we will have our proof.

Stuber 11.2

Marley: Sure, and if you get your proof, what will you do, sneak in and kill him? Don’t you think that will piss them off enough to send people after his murderer?
Big Deer: Not if we send someone willing to give up his life.
Marley: A kamikaze?
Flying Owl: A candidate who is brave and who will kill Crow and then be killed in return before leaving their camps.
Marley: Are you kidding?
Flying Owl: No. They will not have the resources to split off a troop to send back here, and once the murder is revenged, there will be little hollering for more killing.
Marley: I can’t support any type of martyrdom. It is hard to believe someone would volunteer for such duty.
Big Deer: You don’t realize how much reverence our people have for their brothers. Especially the leaders who are as brave as Running Bear was.


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