News Poem #246


Shoes are important news

Shoes are important news


News Poem #246

BC, my old pepper-sauce loving friend suggests
I buy a boat in case this here peninsula blows.
No it won’t, but that’s not the news. The news is
“Extended Detention” for protestors, and “I’m going to
focus on Asia,” which is awesome when one considers
the potential havoc coming in Iran. Here, plum blossoms
do the talking above fake windmills, Koi ponds and
German-style stucco/dark-wood Dutch colonial restaurants,
sunny days, half weddings, half funerals. Personal set
of three appears ready to drop, but must be stopped. You
know the routine: lose love, job and house all at once:
some by pink slip (job moved) or foreclosure (homeless
via fine print) or love torn, leaving children confused and
bitter, “exes” smoldering and emotions displayed for
boss to see. Because of the young children you work
four jobs, both parents unable to parent, then, just as
the tulips rise, new hope with them, some major event
steps in to render efforts futile, tear asunder, return
existence to animal instincts. Few find this thrilling but
2012 lowers the common denominator three more pegs.





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