Dimitri Yashon or Vladimir Putin? Copyright, 2014 Doug Stuber

Dimitri Yashon or Vladimir Putin?

When the Steppes are cleared of tanks
And to the wheat they flow,
The dwellers pack what they find dear
And the horde begins to flow

To any border, fleeing home and friends
To escape the war’s commands.
Bullets never ask
“On which side do you stand?”

Thus the pain spreads out
As economies snap with fear.
When millions “camp” in tents,
Relief groups in high gear.

All because that angry mob
Kept demanding without end,
The fires burned in Kiev
During Sochi’s blend

Of sporting feats and brotherhood,
Making leaders look like louts.
Suspicious timing makes us think
The D.C. goons incited bouts

Of flaming cocktails
Well-known lobs
Igniting this reaction,
Causing all to quit their jobs

Except the desperate soldiers
For whom a uniform stood
As a point of pride and food
And power, on the side of good.

But who is good when tempers flare
And mortar fire impales,
As scattered beams and windows
Act like Pilate’s nails?

Children don’t get older,
Crops wither, death is king.
Christians versus pagans
As congregations sing.

None stay to snap or write
Even if they dare
To muster strength and pick
The side that seems more fair.

Nothing’s fair in love or war,
Coercion wins the fight.
Negotiation, a long lost art,
Starvation has the might

To turn our brains away
From God’s gifts once more.
Ukraine, so horrific, another
Case of “Christian”  blood and gore.

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