What do you do when…


What do you do, my friends, when the number of friends you had in the past swamps the number you have now?  Can you bear all the good times gone, get over it and reach out to good times to come?

It’s Autumn, and the SAD folks (Seasonal Affective Disorder)  out there are bracing for the long winter ahead.  This type of depression and reclusive reaction to being SAD is probably within the bi-polar realm, but it can be brought on in many ways, and the first two or three times around maybe even the diseased will not notice it…but it’s real…especially in the American sense that everyone has a disorder.

Request:  if someone you know has suddenly dropped off the map, reach out and ask them how they are doing.

and another bipolar

5 thoughts on “What do you do when…

  1. SAD? What do you do? You hang in there. Those long nights and short days will only last a few months. Think forward to New Years, not as a time for guilty resolutions but as a turning point in the year when you can begin to look forward to Spring.

    • Yes SAD is a disease tha can be handled and overcome. I have a friend who used to have it, as she is in the flower business, and when the season ended she tended to go into a self-made cave. She moved from the snowy orthern reaches of New York to North Carolina, and voila, most of the SADness disappeared.

  2. A couple members of my family start to get blue and it lasts until February, starts to break, then breaks with the first real thaw. For me, I get out more in the Autumn/Winter because my body likes cool better than hot

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